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State and Future of Mobile App Development – Interview With Oleksii Burkun, Program-Ace

  Oleksii Burkun is the Head of Cross-Platform Development at the software development company Program-Ace. Today we sit down with him to discuss recent trends in the mobile app development. Particular focus is given to the diverse uses for mobile-based augmented reality solutions, the prevalence of ‘midcore’ mobile gaming, and the ramifications of an “Internet […]

Top 10 iPad Application Development Firms – February 2017

  iPad App Development is only ever leveraged by the companies that specialize in the said craft. If most online businesses are going to ignore this and continue to rely on less-than-satisfactory means to create their apps, then they are surely missing out on what true success in iPad app development really means. If you […]

Top 10 Enterprise Application Development Firms – February 2017

  Enterprise apps not only streamline most processes involved in your business, but they also greatly aid owners in boosting employee productivity and the dispensation of information to their target users. These facts alone prove the necessity of such apps to most modern online businesses as they pretty much ensure that your business would always […]

Top 10 HTML5 Application Development Firms – February 2017

  One of the primary, undeniable advantages of developing in HTML5 is that it essentially excises the need to develop an app in separate platforms. This, in turn, would certainly save developers precious amounts of time, effort, and money. Nonetheless, app development in HTML5, as in other platforms, require specialized knowledge and expertise in order […]

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