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Top 10 Android App Development Companies – April 2017

  Whether you intend to develop a mobile game, lifestyle, or enterprise, many would agree that Android apps are one of the most versatile, all-encompassing platforms in the mobile industry. Indeed, if there’s traffic that a business app owner or app developer shouldn’t miss out on, it’s the one that comes from the Play Store. […]

Top 10 iPhone App Development Companies – April 2017

  Mobile apps are fast-becoming the go-to platform for most businesses as they bring numerous unprecedented advantages to the table. Nonetheless, app development does require knowledge, much like any other craft that a person chooses to learn and excel in. It’s understandable that, even though you have the vision and savvy in doing business, you […]

Top 10 iPad App Development Companies – April 2017

  Most of the excellent enterprise apps available nowadays come in the form of iPad apps. That many companies choose iPad apps to manage and conduct various business processes is no surprise as it really is a platform that’s developed with that in mind. If you want an app that would suit your team and […]

Top 10 Wearables App Development Companies – April 2017

  Wearable technology is seeing an exceptional boost in growth in these present times, which is why if you’re looking for a good business opportunity to embark on, developing a wearable app could very well be a sound investment in the long term. There aren’t plenty of companies that concentrate solely on wearable app development, […]

Top 10 Enterprise App Development Companies – April 2017

  Enterprise apps are one of the most sought-after platforms by any business for the numerous advantages that they bring to the table. In fact, it has arguably become a necessity already, given the fierce competition and priority for efficiency and productivity that characterizes today’s modern corporate world. In order for a big company to […]

Top 10 Windows App Development Companies – April 2017

  Developing an app for not only iOS and Android but also for Windows, which is already considered major player in the mobile field, could merit you with the optimal user base that you’ve always wanted. Of course more traffic only ever translates to more profits, and since Windows apps are showing a lot of […]

Top 10 HTML5 App Development Companies – April 2017

  If you’re looking for an app development company that focuses on using HTML5, you’re probably already aware of the benefits that the platform has. It’s one of the most efficient and versatile languages used in app development and is almost always guaranteed to deliver quick and satisfactory results. Its enduring significance could not be […]

Are MicroApps an Emerging Development Trend?

  MicroApps may readily connote diminutiveness, but the rising trend in businesses using them speaks volumes about the large role that they are able to play in streamlining various business processes from a single app. In fact, they are actually named as such because they fulfill a very specific, targeted function. It is basically an […]

Mobile App Development Industry Series – Interview With Rahul Mathur, ARKA Softwares

  ARKA Softwares emphasizes on client satisfaction with stability, robustness, quality work and honesty. We focus on commitment technology and quality assurance which help us to serve our client better. We have expert professionals of various latest technologies to provide best solutions of our client’s complex problem. Here’s what Rahul Mathur has to say about […]

Google Daydream VR platform for developers

  Google is apparently pioneering the continued development of virtual reality with its introduction of its latest VR innovation, Daydream. It’s being touted as better than the traditional Cardboard, which is what most people are accustomed to when it comes to virtual reality. Daydream’s experience is described as being more immersive and responsive than its […]

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