How to Build a Mobile App That Drives Engagement


According to research and statistics, mobile usage now accounts for more than half the average individual internet’s use. In addition to this, smartphone applications account for 86% of mobile users’ online time. As the number of mobile users has grown steadily, time spent using apps has skyrocketed. It is important for business owners to keep up with these statistics as they will help them in building a mobile application that drives engagement.

Unfortunately, it is possible for a meticulously designed mobile application to fail in user engagement and retention. Your digital marketing strategy can certainly make or break your business. Here are a few mobile app development strategies business owners can follow to ensure that their mobile apps are not doomed for the graveyard:

 Create a stellar app store listing

Top mobile marketing agencies highly recommend getting into the user mindset when building a mobile application that drives engagement. Why would people want to use your app? What problems are they trying to solve? How is the app used? By interacting with the app through the app store listing, you can answer these questions. As such, it will be easy to get feedback from testers and focus on the benefits of the app. Developers can also get the inspiration they need from other featured applications in the app store.

Use onboarding for user education

It is important to capitalize on onboarding as a Mobile App development strategy. As this is the first conversation you will have with potential users about the app, making a good impression is vital. The main goal of onboarding is to motivate users to download and use the app. However, this should not be used as a tutorial that teaches on how to use the mobile application. Due to the fact that there is no familiarity with your app, it is better to educate users on the benefits that your app will bring at this stage before venturing onto the features.

Let users try before the buy

When users get the opportunity to explore your app and understand exactly how it works, they will understand the value that your application brings before committing to it. This Mobile App development strategy that also capitalizes on the benefits of the app rather than its features. Users will be able to understand whether the app requires any login authentication or what it takes to create an account.

Get the right insight

The best way to get insight on mobile app development is by learning from those who are thriving in the field. Find out what makes them stand out and adapt all of their strategies. On the other hand, if your app is getting downloads but has a disengagement, this should be identified. Extract the right insights and pair them with appropriate re-engagement strategies.

Your mobile app can thrive or fail in the hands of active users. Don’t think of downloads as the key metric, focus on driving revenue using a high level of engagement. If one strategy fails, you can always adapt another and if done in the right way, it will promote re-engagement. Remember to use rewards and offers as a bait to lure disconnected users back.

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