Top 10 Windows App Development Companies – July 2017


Windows app development is slowly gaining ground in the said field. Even as of this writing, the Windows phone is certainly showing a lot of promise, considering the plethora of highly unique features that it is able to offer to mobile users. Indeed, if there is one mistake that marketers shouldn’t make when it comes to app development, it is making their apps only available to a limited number of platforms.

With the aid of a verified professional app development company that also offers the development of apps for Windows phone, you would be able to easily reach out to a customer base that you may have missed out on in the past. The factors that we prioritized when making this list was, of course, the experience of each company, besides the number of successful projects that they’ve done as well as their overall reputation.

With that said, these are the Best Windows Application Development Companies that we highly recommend for July 2017:

  1. KitelyTech

    The team at KitelyTech mixes together all of the ingredients required for a successful technology development company. We have highly talented and energetic developers, architects and testers, all recruited through an exceptionally rigorous process. Analytical mindsets that understand the nuances of our customer’s businesses and project scopes, methodical project managers and designers, highly driven management with a focus for quality and timely delivery, and the innovators that transform the way we look at things.

  2. Radolo

    Radolo’s sole focus is creating turn-key web applications and mobile apps customized to your business needs and hosted in the Cloud. Custom corporate software solutions typically are too inflexible and slow to adapt to meet the needs of many business unit managers. Additionally, packaged and custom solutions often require significant involvement from IT which is usually backlogged and thus unable to assist the business manager. Radolo was created to help alleviate these pains and allow managers to focus on their business. Multi-platform availability, hassle free solutions, and increased efficiency are just a click away.

  3. Sombra

    Sombra is a web and mobile development company from Ukraine with a single and very clear goal: that each of our clients will be completely satisfied with our work. Our services include embedding developers to customer’s team, business analysis, creation of MVP’s for startups and businesses, implementation of web solutions and mobile solutions.

  4. TechEmpire

    echEmpire is the web and app development company that can boast about skilled and responsible employees who are always ready to solve any technical problem you face.

  5. Seraph Infotech

    Since its inception in 2011 Seraph InfoTech’s concentration on enhancing knowledge, working hard and delivering an exceptional customer service have led to us being recognized as a leading supplier of digital design and development.

  6. Web Factory LLC

    A company with aim to implement of innovative ideas in the field of domestic and global web. Another aim is outsourcing of projects (domestic and foreign) in the field of research and development of new IT technologies and intelligent systems. Main fields, which the company is interested in, are: mobile application, web based systems, data mining, etc. Company’s employees have several years working experience and numerous awards in the IT sector.

  7. Making Sense

    Making Sense is a software development company with a focus on User Experience. With HQ in San Antonio, TX, and development offices in Argentina and Mexico, we combine modern design with the latest technologies, delivering hybrid nearshoring services. We offer the best of both worlds: the cost benefits of a nearshore model with timely communication & support on site.

  8. GeekHive

    GeekHive, founded in 1997, is a leading domestic custom web development and CMS implementation agency that partners with top digital and creative agencies to build projects for their Fortune 500 clients. Our partners come to us to solve unique business challenges through our technology and strategy expertise.

  9. VAO

    Founded in 2004, VAO is internet software house working closely with international and domestic customers. We are website design, development & consulting agency that has launched over 150 projects in ZEND, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, iOS, Android (native and hybrid apps) and Windows Phone.

  10. Panacea Infotech

    Founded in 2004, Panacea Infotech is a digital partner of choice for many businesses across the world. For over a decade, we have been offering custom software development services focusing on web and mobile applications to help SMEs and large companies stay ahead of the curve.

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