Mobile App Development Industry Series – Interview With Naveen Khanna, CEO at Octal IT Solution


Octal IT Solution LLP (ISO certified) is a renowned IT solution provider in the USA and specialised in offering dynamic solutions to your distinct web/app complexities.

Here’s what Naveen Khanna has to say about the company and the latest trends happening in the app industry.

What does your mobile app development company do?

Octal IT Solution is an emergent name in IT industry across the globe and is operable in various countries such as India, USA, UK and Singapore that caters best, innovative and reliable mobile app solution in the niche of innovation and perfection. We proffer exceptional mobile solutions while extracting the maximum out of the potential technologies .With more than 10 years of empowered experience, We deploy result oriented and user friendly solutions for our clients from diverse business varticles. We actionably adopt all the noteworthy & Latest technologies for delivering bespoke solutions within a stipulated time period.We assure and conserve all the quality concerns that exactly justify your business concerns. We aspire to develop enriched and polished mobile applications for Android, IOS, Windows,etc that contributes to today’s dynamic and distributed digital environment.

With our proven track record, we passionately embrace all the latest and updated technologies for delivering excelled web solutions. We strongly adhere to standardized novel design guidelines for engineering sophisticated custom software and cross-platform applications. Our tech empowered ideology inspires us to outline the guiding parameters for the developing large software-driven and E-commerce solutions for enhancing the enterprises with vast and expandable peripherals.

Why are enterprises adapting to mobility?

Industrialism is undeniably covering all the virtues of the market standards. Being mobile has become one of the volatile reasons for chasing the impressive revenues and goals. Elevation in the user demand had given a rapid growth to the technological evolution and thus enterprises are continuously thriving to deliver the best to their clientele in order to stand ahead. Nowadays, since the different people of the same organization work from distinctive locations, hence, a centralized storage network” Cloud” has become an utmost necessity. There are ample of the reasons why actually enterprises are adapting the mobility, but some of them are listed here:

  • Data sharing becomes easy

Well, in case of a localized server, data sharing can become quite simplified. All the data, information, evaluations, narrations, presentations and beyond can be stored in a single place from multiple locations, hence instead of calling the particular employees, their work can be tracked and can be monitored too with an convenient approach.

  • Cost effective Storage

Business-house can save immense cost by the aid of cloud computing. With this, amazing technology, there is no requirement for managing and accumulating expensive hardware and software equipments for processing the data and other core functionalities. Hence, companies can save ample space related to machinery linked with one or the other system.

  • Business continuity

In this current decade where cyber attacks are dominating the market standards, having your data stored on a cloud can obviously pave security across all the industry standards. Since the data is being stored on a remote server hence authenticity of the data remains conserved during the occurrence of any kind of such threat. As the data is not located at any physical device, hence the probability of data misuse goes impressively down, thus providing an easy bypass for all the business related activities without any hassle.

  • Scalability

So, is your business growing or you are ready to get begin with some new products and services, well, yes, if that is the case then cloud computing can come as a major rescue. In case of the office expansion on the domains of employee figures, floors, branch opening the headache of getting more space hardware for saving the information vanishes off with this all new cloud computing. Just, add few more disks into your cloud with necessary storage structures and provide an easy workflow for all the office related activities.

Why do app developers prefer iOS despite the Android’s market leadership?

The Mobile App world is dominated by the two major App store: One being the Apple App Store and the other one is Google Play Store. But the ratio of the users that are using the two quite differ upto an amicable extent on the ground of usability, visibility and profitability. Mobile App Developers tend to hit the Apple App store more often when compared with the Android. So lets understand why the developer community is inclined towards adopting the iOS instead of Android.


First off, let’s discuss engagement. According to a recent study, by a global information services group, iPhone users spend more minutes on their devices when compared to Android. The reason being the graphics and the engagement power that they carry within are quite incredible. So, for capturing the user insights and attention, iOS can come as a rescue, and yes, your mobile app development partner gains an amazing work notification too.


Well, the fact cannot be ignored that the Apps belonging to the App Store are much more royal when compared with the Android. The adoption rate for iOS apps are far more than the Android and as a matter of fact, the brands get a much more noteworthy reputation when launched on Apple App Store. Since iOS apps are capable of making more money and are standardized, they cover all the market insights.


One of the most important reasons for choosing the iOS framework is that it is not fragmented and its updates are easily available. The ecosystem of Android is still fragmented, which precisely means that there are multiple OS supporting the same version, with several screen sizes that makes the app optimization difficult for the developers plus it comes up with different user interfaces.
Apple here stands as a clear winner in this scenario thus, all the Apple products comes with the same screen resolution that makes the app implementation and execution quite simplified for the developers.


It is a very well known fact, that apps in the iOS App Store are more expensive than those for Android smartphones, thus, it elevates the cost structures of the overall iPhone app purchases. Further, iOS is more lucrative on the domains of generating revenues. Mobile gaming app developers endorse iOS over Android for executing their game app projects, the reason being, they are much more flexible with iOS over Android.

Which software and tools do you mostly use while developing apps?

We adhere to all the latest and evolving tools and Software development kit for developing sophisticated and reliable mobile apps. With our empowered experience base, we make all the necessary provisions for delivering the utmost quality while committing excellence. We understand our user needs and aims to transform every industry and business process.

So, here is the listed sea of technologies: For iOS and Android that are being implemented and executed by us in order to cater business- driven and feature – rich products.


Software: X-Code (Integrated development environment)

A software that consolidates the basic tools for writing and testing the software. IDE is inclusive of a code editor, a compiler, interpreter and a debugger that can be accessed through any of the GUI( Graphical User Interface).

Database mechanics: Coredata

Programming Script: Swift and Objective C


Software: Android Studio 3.0 (Integrated development environment)

A software that consolidates the basic tools for writing and testing the software. IDE is inclusive of a code editor, a compiler, interpreter and a debugger that can be accessed through any of the GUI( Graphical User Interface).

Database mechanics: Sqlite

Programming Script: Java and Kotlin (A Java based language that comes up with Android O)

Here, were listed some of the aforementioned standards that assist us in converting our users ideas into a reality.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

Well, while deciding upon a reasonable cost framework, there are several factors that are required to be focused upon. Whether, it is start-up or a big brand, calculations related to the budget quite often becomes toil and with all our attained experience, we charts the most effective budget standards for our large user base based on the following factors:

  • Resource Consumption:

In this case, the nature of the work determines the number of resources that will be required to complete the task. The price structure raises off in case, the number of individuals allocated increases.
Project requirements:
Undeniably, the requirements differ for the every app that is undergoing development. For instance, if a client goes for developing an eCommerce mobile application with a specified set of customized features will fame a different cost while a client requiring a social app with lots of functional features and allured display services may have an enhanced cost structure.

  • Time schedules:

This is one of the most crucial factors that can actually raise of downfall the capital investment to a great extent. Immediate delivery augments the graph of the price of the project as the instant developments is initiated in this case with no delays. On the other hand, a flexible timeframe outcast the price issues significantly.

  • Technical complexity

In the digitized world, where the technology is evolving at a rapid pace, a work assigned sans the ongoing technical standards can lead to the loads of research and development. Hence, the application cost may increment with an impressive hike.

So, these were some of the factors that we consider before actually proceeding for deciding upon the cost standards. The Average calculation for an app depends on the aforementioned paradigms and thus with all our extensive analysis the figure that stands aloud is __$5000-$10,000 (Single Platform).

Do you think Augmented Reality apps are the future? Why?

Let’s talk in the context of today where apps are ferociously dominating all the prevailing virtues of the market. Yes, AR is one of important technology of the future, but there are many more such as AI, VR, NFC, iBeacon and beyond that too will become a crucial part of the unforeseen decade. So, localizing only AR for modifying the future is not in any case justifiable. Where Apple is ready with its ARkit, Google had already striked the market with Google lens that works on the concept of AI, AR And VR. So precisely, it can be stated that the combination of all the technologies is definitely the future of mobile world.

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