Why Your Mobile App Struggles To Get A Rank In The Play Store? – How To Fix It?

Why Your Mobile App Struggles To Get A Rank In The Play Store? – How To Fix It?

Android Play Store is the most populated app marketplace with the vast majority of apps targeting this platform. Since Android represents the most diversified ecosystem with the highest number and variety of devices, for most apps Android Play Store remains the primary target platform. No wonder, Play Store has the most scathing competition for any app publisher or development company.

Android is the most thriving and exponentially growing mobile OS platform with a global footfall. In many non-English speaking countries outside of the US Play Store is the most targeted platform. For app development Denmark offers an app market with a bigger share for Android apps. This is almost the same in many Nordic countries and East Europe.

How to deal with this competition and still achieve a higher Play Store search rank and visibility for your app? Well, there are some time tested and successfully tried measures that other Android apps over the years practiced. Here we are going to explain these tips one by one.

Create an app icon that instantly draws attention

When it comes to icon design, the most important thing is to ensure optimum simplicity in the design of the icon. Though it is a creative field and there’s no boundary for your creative imagination, the icons of most successful apps are generally simple, minimalist, shaped geometrically, or with lines or just appearing with letters. Maintaining a color scheme high in contrast is also a key attribute of the good icon.

Another important thing is to avoid squeezing your regular company logo within the app icon space. This can be really disastrous as the company logo may come with a completely different size and dimension. Since the app icon represents your app as a brand to the wider audience, you need to be meticulous about it and should design it taking enough time.

Lastly, make sure that the icon can remain relevant for years until you no longer need an introduction to your audience. The first designed icon should accompany your app to success. This is why you need to ensure a consistent design that just comes as the extension of your business brand.

The Name of the App

Also referred to as the app title, the name of the app plays a big role in drawing user attention and boosting download numbers. Since the name can easily give an idea about the app function, type, and category, you have to give it maximum attention.

Apart from a few globally successful apps like Amazon that already became part of the marketing myth, most successful apps still use names that clearly depicts the app function and usability.

Now coming to the name of your app, you also need to conform to the rules and parameters of the app title set by Google Play Store. For the Play Store, the upper limit is only 50 characters, though it is advisable to make names using far fewer characters than this. Since the app title appears in many places throughout the Play Store, by using a keyword in the name you can boost visibility.

Apart from all these considerations, the app name must be catchy and sonorous to the hearing of the users. An ideal name should be easy to remember while not losing relevance to the purpose of the app. You need to go through a rigorous exercise of mix and match to find the ideal app title.

App Description 

This app page section is all about describing the mobile app including the features and functionalities, the ideal audience for the app, the category, real-life benefits of the app, unique attributes, and others. 

Let us now spare a few words on the most common mistakes committed by app marketers for this section. Many marketers stuff the description with a lot of keywords to boost visibility in the Play Store against various search terms. Well, this is actually detrimental to your App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy as too many keywords within the small text body of the description undermine readability.

It is ideal to follow the Play Store guidelines for writing the description. You can actually optimize the Play Store description by using several visual and interactive elements. To optimize readability, make use of bullet points and emojis and you can also use a little variation of typefaces as per the context.

Screenshots or App Screens

App screenshots directly offer the look and feel of the app to the users. Most users find it extremely helpful to have a clear idea about the app. The screenshots also offer a clear idea of how the app is going to work and the features and functionalities offered by the app.

To give a clear idea about the app functionality and user experience, providing images of 8-10 screens will be enough. Choose the most important screens apart from the home screen to offer a comprehensive idea about the app.

Preview Video

These days people read less and watch more and hence a preview video about your app can be more helpful to draw the attention of the users. The video should be short and completely focused on how the app is going to address user needs.

Make sure the preview video comes with only a length of 15 to 25 seconds and it focuses on the key app feature and how it benefits in real-life contexts of the users


Play Store as the most competitive app marketplace needs meticulous care on each and every aspect of app marketing and promotion. The above-mentioned aspects are the ground rules to target search rank in Play Store.  

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