Why Mobile Games Are the Future of the Gaming Industry

Why Mobile Games Are the Future of the Gaming Industry Learn the reasons why mobile games are the future of the Gaming Industry. Smartphones have spread games to a wider audience. Nowadays, everyone seems to be a gamer. As a result, the gaming sector has seen a radical shift. Mobile games now dominate the video […]

A Mobile Convenient Business Model

A Mobile Convenient Business Model To keep ahead of your competition you have to stand out by doing something completely new or radically different to the norm. While we usually can’t reinvent the wheel, you can always find new ways to improve on the design of something that already exists and bring it into a […]

Infographic: Mobile App Development Trends 2020

Infographic: Mobile App Development Trends 2020 Right now more than 5.1 billion people all over the world are using mobile phones in one way or another. The mobile technology is taking long strides. But there are many other spheres of technology that are developing with great speed and all these technologies are leaving a strong […]

5 Time-Proven Practices To Manage Dedicated Teams

5 Time-Proven Practices That Will Change How You Manage Dedicated Teams Have you considered following the example of big companies and choosing dedicated teams for your IT project? Are you aware of all the benefits that dedicated teams bring to companies? According to statista.com, 44% of US-based companies are choosing dedicated teams. Most companies claim […]

Best App Development Companies

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies 2019

  76 billion app downloads in the Play Store were recorded in 2018 alone. That is a whopping 13% increase from the following year’s stats, and these figures are only projected to grow over the coming years. Indeed, there could not be a better time to start riding the mobile app development than now, assuming […]

Difference between VR and AR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two terms that often overlap for both are essentially simulations, albeit with stark differences. What’s certain is that both are creative ways for people to view the world differently and provide unique entertainment and experiences. By no means should they be confused with one another, though, hence this post, […]

Impact of IoT in Mobile App Development

On the modern technology, IOT (Internet of Things) refers to the connection of physical objects such as computers, home appliances, people or animals, and all other digital and mechanical devices to the internet via sensors and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It uses many other different technologies such as Al and Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, RFID […]

What do you expect from Android and IOS in 2019

Mobile app development is growing at a very fast rate. Every year, new trends come and go. Mobile app developers need to stay enlightened about the prevailing and expected trends in order to develop mobile apps that will are beneficial to their users. Since many apps are created every day, your app needs to stay […]

How iPhone Application Development Can Enhance Your Business Value

  Is your business falling behind in the race to adapt new technology? Many businesses have already developed a mobile application to enhance their business or know of someone who has taken this approach. Mobile applications for businesses are expected to grow continuously, while offering a platform for businesses to utilize far into the future. […]


Top iPhone App Development Companies 2018

  Owing to the exclusivity of Apple phone users, brands strive to pay special attention towards creating iPhone apps that best serves their customers’ need while giving them unparalleled experience. Apple, and all its products, is synonymous to quality, aesthetics and superior performance. An iPhone app must conform to all the requirements of designs and […]