Stages of Mobile App Development and Why it is important for Business

Stages of Mobile App Development and Why it is important for Business


From the last few years, there are various changes occurring in technology, and it is noticed in every field. Generally, most of the business has shifted from the manual to the automated one.

Every industry adopted digitalization, which brings a change in managing the customers and daily operations in the business. This business has some identical competitors. The maximum business has shifted to the online system to give the best experience to the customers. 

Technology is making every task seamless. Nowadays, the thing which is rapidly growing in the web market is the use of mobile apps. Apps are helping in every field, such as hospitals, hotels, salons, education, and many more.

It increases the customer retention rate and repeats the business. If your business is giving services with mobile applications then you will surely need an app to manage everything.

The mobile app is the best way to communicate with the customers and to avail of the new marketing channels. 

Nowadays, industries aim to lessen the stress factor of the owners and customers. Therefore it is essential to use the mobile app. Also, it is desirable to choose the appropriate features to include in the app. The mobile app is there to give you more business and better opportunities to gain more profits.

But do you ever think how these apps are developed and how important they are for business?

If you are wondering!! Then don’t worry here in this article we briefly analyze the different stages of the app and their benefits in the business.

 Let’s get started!!

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Different Stages of App Development

Right Analysis

The first step of mobile app development is the right analysis. Before designing an app it’s important to have the right analysis of the app. It’s crucial to have the complete knowledge of the app and understand each of the pros and cons of the apps so that it would not affect business. 

Developing an app starts with a small idea. One great small idea can change the perspective of your online business. An app is something that brings the business to you. Make sure that you do the initial analysis which includes the right statistics, behavior patterns, and goals of your buyer persona. During each stage of the process, keep the end-user in mind. 

Always think like a customer and check what are the requirements of the customer so that you can turn them into your loyal customer in the future. Check from the research how customers are using the digital products. This will give you clarity and boost your confidence.

It is pretty good to do the brainstorming before jumping to the next phase of the development. This way you can analyze the competition in the market. A brief knowledge about your competitors helps in finding out the features required which make you stand out in the market.

Pre- Design

Pre-design is the next stage after planning and analysis of the app development process. In pre-design, you make a strategy of what kind of software, the hardware is required which helps in calculating the success.

Pre-design helps in designing the core part of the mobile app development Your mobile development agency must arrange a workshop where you can do one to one conversation with clients and they ask for their requirements. This collaboration with your clients can help with your pre-design. Also, you can show them the rough design of the app. The workshop is followed by a research and analysis phase.

This will keep your clients engaged and put an optimistic long-lasting impression. It removes all the hassles during app development.


Designing is the crucial factor as it shows what kind of app comes out when it is developed fully. Once you have completed the phase of the pre-design you will go to the actual step which is the designing phase of the app. 

In the designing phase, the first and foremost aspect is to hire the designers and check the design. It is vital that your concept must match with your design.

Your product design is the final product  and it is delivered to your end-user. Make the design user friendly that gives the best user experience of your app. It is the final blueprint for the developers afterward they will start building the app.

In design there are small steps included like:

  • Wireframe 
  • Concepts
  • Collaborative design
  • Prototyping
  • User testing


This is the actual implementation after the design phase. In this phase, you can start coding your app. The development stage includes multiple activities like creating the different sections of the code and preliminary testing before the execution.

It includes three steps:


  • The server and database are two objects that go side by side and do all the functionality to form a great network. some configurations and changes are needed to maintain the functionality of the app. If you are using the backend platform. then the server-side objects are developed before configuration and afterward tested with the other components of the app.


  • Application Programming Interface is developed with different parts that are interconnected. This interface connects your backend server with operating system components. Also, the interface is interconnected with the existing software by your business. 


  • The front-end is the actual interaction of the users with the app. It creates the interactive user experiences which also manages your backend data via APIs. download the compatible API that can store the data locally.

Make sure that your mobile is compatible with ios and android. Android or iOS. Pick the most suitable language and the best-suited one. 

The agile development requires the right planning so that the development team completes each milestone by testing quality and fixing the bugs.


After the development of the app, it’s imperative to test before. This will reduce the maintenance cost of your app. 

Always make sure that your team covers all the aspects during the testing. During the mobile app, testing checks the compatibility, performance, usability of your app. The feedback you receive from users will help you find out whether the app functions correctly or not.

Now Why Mobile Apps are Important for Business?

Build Loyalty of the Brand

You can get a response from the clients from the customer feedback app and reply to them. This creates a type of personal relationship between them through the mobile app.

From the feedback, the company creates a friendly environment for their customers, and they feel like they have listened.

Saves Money

Time and money are the most critical factors in business. They both go hand in hand. The hard work of staff and proper use of resources help to translate the expenses into revenue. The mobile app can help to direct the other tasks and eliminate the need of the members. 

With this tool, even the new members can smoothly perform the tasks. It helps to reduce the no-shows and provides 24/7 services. This lessens the time of your work and saves the money of customers and business owners.

Better Insights 

A functional analysis can take your business to another level and make the owner aware of the present and future. From the insights about the business, you can check the peak business hours. Also, it helps to check the most popular services in your brand.

Data analytics help to answer the queries and where the exact action is needed in the business. It makes you aware of everything efficiently and effectively. If you can figure out the first and least popular services, you can quickly determine the best market for them.

24/7 Services

People want more convenience in working because of hectic schedules. The mobile app makes working easy and takes your business to another level. 

The app can be very profitable for your business. As time is an essential factor in life and business. With the mobile app, customers can use the app anytime. This way you can engage more customers on your website and save a lot of time. 

Improve Customer Retention 

Happy and satisfied customers like to stay with you. But the unsatisfied customer will find a way to leave.

Mobile apps improve customer satisfaction and detect the areas where your business needs improvement. If you give preference to their opinion, then they will love to stay with you and keep coming back. It is easy to connect through the mobile app.

You can effortlessly determine the unsatisfied customer from their reaction and try to fix an issue. It will help to reduce the bounce rate and increase customer retention.

Better Marketing

The mobile app gives the potential to users and a clear vision about the work. It helps to promote the business on different social media platforms like on Instagram, Facebook, etc.  which makes the services more quickly.

Wrapping up 

Above we have discussed some of the important steps for the mobile app development and the importance of a successful app. Whenever we look for the mobile app to launch, we consider some basic points. So keep your app updated with the time if you want to be ahead of your competitors. Hopefully, this article will give you the best benefits.

Your suggestions and queries are welcome. Feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!!

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Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a mobile development company in Singapore which is dealing with eCommerce website design, mobile app development, SEO, social media marketing, and more. 


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