Top 10 HTML5 Application Development Firms – February 2017

  One of the primary, undeniable advantages of developing in HTML5 is that it essentially excises the need to develop an app in separate platforms. This, in turn, would certainly save developers precious amounts of time, effort, and money. Nonetheless, app development in HTML5, as in other platforms, require specialized knowledge and expertise in order […]

Top 10 HTML5 App Development Firms – January 2017

  Creating a separate app for operating system and different platform can be cost-prohibitive and time consuming for a lot of people. This is the reason why people choose HTML5 as the best solution. This is simply fitted to several platform options to help you save a lot of money. Nevertheless, not all HTML5 app […]

Top 10 HTML5 Application Development Companies – October 2016

  Building a separate app for each platform and operating system can be time consuming and cost prohibitive, so companies often turn to HTML5 for the solution. HTML5 provides a one size fits all, multi-platform option that saves costs both during development and during maintenance. Whether your company is looking for an enterprise solution or […]

Top 10 HTML5 App Development Companies – September 2016

  Developing HTML5 Apps is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses looking for enterprise apps to manage their daily functions. More and more companies are opting for HTML5 apps instead of native apps in order to reduce the involved costs and complexity. Undoubtedly, HTML5 apps are a boon for companies that need to apply […]