Top 10 HTML5 App Development Firms – January 2017


Creating a separate app for operating system and different platform can be cost-prohibitive and time consuming for a lot of people. This is the reason why people choose HTML5 as the best solution. This is simply fitted to several platform options to help you save a lot of money.

Nevertheless, not all HTML5 app development providers are fair. There are times that they pose challenges and problems to be assessed and checked by seasoned and professional developers. Well, no need to worry anymore as we provide you the top HTML5 app development companies that have the experience, knowledge and skills in delivering the best HTML5 app at a reasonable price. You will not regret when you choose to get in touch with any of these companies. They are after giving you effective and convenient HTML5 app you most deserved to have.

Here are our Top 10 HTML5 App Development Firms of January 2017:

Thinsquare LLC

Thinsquare is best USA based digital marketing agency that provide the reliable web designing and development solutions worldwide. At Thinsquare our aim to offers a complete and high edge designing services to all local small and large businesses to help them grow. Our services include digital marketing, Website developing and designing.


VOCSO WEB STUDIO is the most effective web services provider company, who provides world class custom web solutions to the all size business. As the top web design and development agency, We focus on to create a functional website with a clear interface to make your business succeed. We offer complete web services across the world.

A.Y. Technologies

A.Y. Technologies is a shiny, new mobile development and web application startup in Vancouver, B.C. Started by founder Amin Yazdani in January 2016, A.Y. Technologies quickly expanded to a core team of 8, designing and developing a range of products for our clients. Small, but mighty, A.Y.Technologies prides itself on its talented and flexible team. Strong communication and rapid iteration have contributed to our initial success. While the demand for powerful applications that work effectively and function intuitively will ensure our continued expansion.


Program-Ace is an interactive and visualization app development company. We craete top-notch augmented and virtual reality apps, games and visualization experiences across multiple verticals.


We make tailored web & mobile applications, either based on your bare idea or specs you deliver.

Django Stars

Django Stars is a full-service software development company that creates high-value web and mobile applications, using agile methodology and cutting-edge technologies. We have been developing web apps in Python/Django since 2008, and iOS/Android apps since 2013. Today we are a top agile software development company in Europe with over 40 full-time employees, headquartered in Ukraine with offices in the United States and Germany.

Eastern Peak Software

Eastern Peak Software is an innovative software consulting and outsourcing company specializing in software development for variety of platforms and clients in wide range of industries.

Tack Mobile

Tack is a mobile design and development company based in Denver, Colorado. We design and build software for mobile and connected devices for our clients, with a focus on user experience. Our capabilities extend beyond the device to web, service integration, and strategy.


Headway is a Wisconsin based design and development firm that partners with startups & companies to craft beautiful software through thoughtful, user-driven design and passionate execution. We help specialize in product design, software development and are experts in helping entrepreneurs and companies launch their MVP.


We’re Ukraine – based outsourcing company. Our expertise is Symfony 2 / Laravel and Angular JS as front-end framework. For sure we also have an experience with “traditional” HTML, CSS, JS approach for front-end but it’s a bit outdated. We have a great Symfony 2 / Laravel back-end engineers with intermediate spoken English level and good understanding and using SOLID, YAGNI, KISS principles, Design patterns, and for sure – superhero level of OOP understanding.

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