The Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development

The Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development

According to Statista, the number of 5G connections is projected to grow to 410 million by 2025 in North America alone and Global spending on 5G mobile infrastructure is projected to reach 2.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 as compared to a mere 0.06 billion in 2019.

There has been a lot of buzz around 5G and its impact. 5G is considered to be a game-changer and will open a whole new paradigm of the way Mobile Communication Network works. 5G technology is going to have a significant impact on the way mobile app development is done.

5G technology has already started getting implemented in a phased manner in the U.S. and China and will soon take over the entire world. 5G technology and 5G wireless services are considered to be over 500 times faster than the 4G network speed.

This means the 5G network and infrastructure are aimed to offer never-before performance, speed, and user experience to 5G Mobile users. That also means the mobile app developers across the world will soon have to start exploring and adapting to this new technology if they haven’t already started.

With 5G, mobile application development in the area of IoT, gaming, data security, AR/VR, banking, finance, social networking will drastically change.

The mobile app development in these avenues will have to re-imagine the architecture and engineering of developing mobile apps that complement the 5G technology and its extraordinary features. With 5G, the mobile app development industry is poised to open new realms that the world has never witnessed before.

But before we dig more into the impact of 5G technology on mobile app development, let’s understand briefly what 5G actually is. How different it is than the 4G and its other predecessors.

What is 5G?

5G is nothing less than a revolution. 5G is an acronym for 5th Generation Mobile Network technology. 5g is not just an upgrade to 4G. 5G is a whole new wireless standard for mobile networks accepted globally.

The most fascinating features of 5G wireless technologies are to offer ultra-high data speeds, ultra-low latency, much better user experience, reliability, and availability.

As compared to 4G LTE and other predecessors, 5G is a much more capable air interface. The 5G technology and communication network is designed in such a way that it offers much more flexibility and scalability.

This will allow the Mobile Networks to have a much larger reach and serve much wider avenues.

How fast can 5G be?

According to Qualcomm, 5G is designed to deliver peak data rates up to 20 Gbps based on IMT-2020 requirements. That means the mobile applications, mobile games, AR/VR, IoT, and other mobile applications will be way faster.

This will provide mobile application users a high-speed experience that has never been experienced before.

5G Impact on Mobile App Development

What does it mean for mobile app developers when they have access to ultra-high-speed mobile internet speed? Isn’t it amazing just to imagine an 8k Movie getting downloaded in minutes? How ‘bout connecting a massive number of IoT sensors seamlessly and offer lean and low-cost connectivity solutions? And can you imagine how smooth the Zoom Calls, the Hangouts, the Team Calls will become with a far better Video Chatting experience?

The impact of 5G on the way Mobile Apps work today will be huge. The mobile apps will have way better performance, data security, and low latency.

Here we are listing some of the important impacts that 5G technology will have on Mobile App Development:

Lightning Fast Speed:

The data transfer rate of the mobile app is going to be way faster than what it is today.

This means that the file-sharing mobile apps and other mobile applications that rely on data transfer speed will have superior performance. Multiple apps will have a better data-transfer rate while working simultaneously.

Huge Mobile Data & better Analysis:

The 5G will let users generate a large amount of mobile data that will enable a much better analysis of user data. This will enable mobile app developers to understand user behavior in a far better way.

This will eventually help mobile app developers to develop far better-personalized experiences for mobile app users.

Video & Streaming Quality:

No more lagging on streaming of HD, 4K, 8K resolution, and quality videos. The Video Streaming mobile apps will change drastically with 5G.

The 5G will enable more players to get into video streaming services and ultimately the users will have better and high-quality video content at their fingertips.

Enhanced Navigation:

5G is going to make mobile and GPS navigation superior. With 5G and its feature that will also enhance the 3D experience, there will be a whole new set of opportunities in navigation based Mobile App Development.

5G will provide a wider reach, coverage, and uninterrupted connectivity enabling more accurate navigation. With 5G mobile network and ultra-high data speed, more and more real-time navigation mobile apps will be available.

The mobile app developers will have much more freedom and flexibility while developing navigation and GPS based mobile applications.

Massive improvements in AR/VR:

5G is going to change the face of AR/VR applications. The greatest reason why there are fewer AR/VR applications is data speed and latency.

With 5G at disposal, the AR/VR mobile application development will have massive improvements. With 5G, mobile app developers will be able to develop better applications in the area of healthcare, health facilities and surgeries, industrial processes, automation, supply chain, home automation, and education.

Less dependence on Hardware and Physical Storage:

With a 5G network, mobile apps will be less dependent on physical or on-device storage and hardware.

The mobile apps will be able to communicate with Cloud much effectively and efficiently enabling mobile applications to rely less on physical hardware and storage.

Enhanced 3D Technology:

With 5G technology, mobile app developers will have more opportunities in 3D and immersive technology.

5G will effectively enable mobile apps to communicate, integrate, and work with 3D technologies. Low-latency and high-speed internet connectivity will help in implementing and integrating much wider use of 3D technology.

The mobile app-based 3D designing, modeling, and development are expected to boom with 5G based mobile devices.

Catering to a Larger Audience & Capacity of High Traffic:

5G will have the ability and capacity to support much higher traffic.

This will help mobile app developers to freely develop mobile applications that can be used by millions of users at a time offering seamless user experience. 5G network density (capacity to accommodate network connections within a particular area or space) is believed to be accommodating up to 1 million devices per square kilometer.

That is an unprecedented capacity to accommodate network connections for any generation of mobile network technology so far. This will clearly help mobile apps to cater and reach a far wider audience and easily manage heavy mobile traffic.


5G technology is certainly going to change our lives. It will have a huge impact on Mobile Application Development and mobile applications user experience. With fascinating features that 5G is bringing to mobile communication will create much larger avenues and opportunities in the space of mobile app development.

That also means that mobile developers and mobile app development companies will have to start thinking quickly about changing their app development strategies.

Kunsh Technologies as an award-winning and leading Mobile App Development Company in India has already started working in this direction. We are investing resources in research and development of Mobile Apps that will leverage the 5G technology and its potential.

They will have to start investing a lot in learning this totally new network technology and how it can be used to offer much better mobile app development.

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