Virtual Meetings are Growing in Popularity: Here’s What You Need to Know

Virtual Meetings are Growing in Popularity: Here’s What You Need to Know

Thanks to online virtual meeting software, it’s now easy to conduct meetings without having to book out physical meeting rooms and travel from place to place. Considering how many companies are looking to shift to entirely remote operations, online virtual meeting platforms couldn’t have picked up the pace at a better time.

In fact, 75% of CEOs are confident that virtual meetings and video conferences will replace traditional conferences

Virtual Meetings: Regular Meetings Taken Online

Virtual meetings are online versions of regular physical meetings. Participants interact through audio, video, or chat on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Virtual meetings involve

online meeting software that facilitates interaction through video or instant messaging.

Popular virtual meeting solutions for enterprises that are currently in use include Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom. 

Virtual meeting platforms offer an exclusive set of features that you wouldn’t get on regular video calling and audio calling apps. Screen sharing, higher participation numbers, secure chat rooms, live streaming, and HD-quality video are just some of the essentials. 

Virtual meetings are economical options for those who are unable to rent an office space or justify traveling. The best virtual meeting tools only serve to augment these cost advantages. 

“Remote work is the future of work.” — Alexis Ohanian, Reddit

Types of Virtual Meetings That Are Popularly Used


There are multiple ways to engage in virtual meetings, depending on the purpose and duration. 

  • Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing functions as a group voice call between a few participants. It’s ideal for those people who are either on the go or have shaky networks. This meeting type can take place over the phone or through the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

  • Video conferencing

Video conferencing is the closest that virtual meetings get to face-to-face interactions. They enable participants to see and hear each other through a video interface. Video conferencing methods are also augmented with screen sharing, Slideshare and file-sharing capabilities. 

  • Web conferencing

This method takes place on a dedicated platform that has all the file-sharing, screen sharing and video recording capabilities one might need. The downside is that it requires previously installed software and a steady high-speed internet connection. 

The Distinct Advantages of Virtual Meetings Over Traditional Ones


Virtual meetings come with a whole host of advantages that are especially applicable to those who choose to use the best virtual meeting software out there. Here are some perks that lend merit to the concept of virtual meetings:

  • Higher productivity

Virtual meetings can be carried out on the go and are highly easy to set up and carry out. Participants are able to multitask while on call and can choose to mute their voice or turn off their camera should they wish to give the floor to another participant. This way, they can carry out menial tasks while also actively participating in critical meetings. 

  • Lower costs

With virtual meetings, the costs of booking meeting rooms, traveling to and fro, setting up electronics and providing Wi-Fi don’t exist. Participants also save time, which they can spend on more meaningful work. 

  • Higher attendance

Virtual meetings only require a device and a stable internet connection, which is ubiquitous now. Participants can join at any time from anywhere, even if they’re on the go. 

Tried and Tested Tips To Host Your First Virtual Meeting


Virtual meetings take some time to set up and get used to. But once you’ve got the hang of it, they’re highly efficient and cost-effective. 

  • Appoint roles

To ensure that the virtual meeting runs smoothly, it would be helpful to assign task leaders within the group of participants. Instead of too many proverbial cooks trying to manage a situation such as a technical glitch or overshot time, each task leader tackles problems in their domain. 

  • Engage with your audience

One-sided virtual meetings can be boring and monotonous, so virtual meetings must be made engaging and informative. This can be through collaborative online meeting software, animations, and engaging content depictions such as videos and presentations.

  • Stay prepared

Technical hiccups are common online and offline, but it is one thing to face them and entirely another to be unprepared. Having a well-planned agenda and making allowances for potential difficulties will ensure virtual meetings go smoothly. 

Make Your Virtual Meetings Interactive for More Participation 


  • Use video

Visual aids help to make boring and complex topics more understandable and fun to engage with. They also cater to learners with visual and auditory learning styles and help visualize data better. 

  • Choose casual over formal meetings

Formal meetings can discourage involvement, collaboration and innovative thinking. Casual meetings allow participants to be more like themselves and voice their opinions freely. Pop quizzes, Q&As and light conversations to start and end the meeting help participants feel more fulfilled and happy.

  • Set goals

Long rambling meetings are no one’s cup of tea, and it’s not right to let meetings cut into essential work or relaxation times. Setting goals help streamline a virtual meeting, focus on the topics at hand and arrive faster at potential solutions or agreements. 

Popular Virtual Meeting Tools That Are Worth Looking At 

This real-time messaging solution also doubles up as a video conferencing app for iOS and Android. As expected from one of the best video conferencing software, MirrorFly also has handy features such as unlimited message, calling and secure file sharing.

Their real-time instant messaging and chat building solutions are used by top names across industries. The video call features allow for face-to-face or group meetings; simplified screen-sharing enables collaboration and presence indicators help identify who is online in real-time. 

EnableX is a virtual meeting application that facilitates web and video conferencing setups including HD video, audio and chat messaging.

Their virtual meeting solutions work on any device whether stationary or on the go. Some impressive features that users can engage with include sharing and annotating screens, permanent meeting rooms, whiteboards, multiple moderator functions and PIN-based meeting room authentication, among others.

This highly secure virtual conference software has essential features including HD audio, video streaming, presentations, teleconferencing, and call recordings.

By using simple email links instead of installing complicated software, MegaMeeting ensures their virtual meeting rooms are accessible even to the average user. Their meeting rooms can host up to 20 people without lags in video quality.

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Web Conferencing Software

  • Real-time chat 

This allows participants to get questions answered quickly and discuss key topics. They’re handy methods of keeping in touch at any point. 

  • Screen Sharing

This feature allows for better conversations. They facilitate real-time data sharing through each other’s screens. 

  • Digital whiteboard

Digital whiteboards facilitate collaboration. They help depict complex topics through graphics and flowcharts.

  • Access file-sharing

File-sharing on a single platform allows for seamless meetings. They’re also highly secure and easy to use.

  • Video chat

Video chat facilitates human face-to-face conversations. They’re also great for first-time meetings and virtual introductions.

  • Live annotation

This feature enables collaboration over a single document. It also facilitates quick real-time changes.

  • Recording options

Call recording is helpful when storing information for later use. It’s ideal for keeping track of guidelines and tasks. 

  • Security and encryption

Virtual meetings should be secure to use. They should maintain user privacy and be safe from data leaks and meeting room breaches.

Final Thoughts

Technology has lent itself to every industry under the sun, causing transformations and changing how we do things. The business world has seen its fair share of upheavals thanks to technology, from software and automation to connectivity and operations.

A fairly new addition to this list, virtual meeting solutions, can be touted as the latest example of technology disrupting the status quo for the better. This is especially so in the context of a pandemic that has shuttered offices and forced professionals to work from home. 

Investing in virtual meetings is a great way to assure your team’s productivity, connectivity, and confidence even when they can’t meet physically. 

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