How much amount is required to create an app like Zoom?

How much amount is required to create an app like Zoom?

The moment we welcomed in 2020, the world experienced a serious outbreak of disease. The wrath of this, made the entire country to live on a standstill. While we are still figuring out how to stop this, the only thing in our hands is to opt for video conferencing tools and communicate. 

The pandemic made people undergo lockdown, which further led to a drastic effect on our day-to-day lives including the business activities. In just a few days of lockdown, it was reported that it led to an upsurge of Zoom app downloads on both android and ios alike. This is because of the countless features it offers to its users that further helps in its increased convenience and feasibility. Furthermore, it was reported that in the coming years, the market for video-conferencing will expand making it a realm worth of a whopping $20 billion. 

Now you may wonder what is Zoom?

Zoom today is one of the leading cloud-based video conferencing tool founded by a Chinese born engineer Mr. Eric Yuan. It was reported that he once said, before planning this app, he did not intend to focus the general masses as its target market. But after considering the need of the hour, Zoom has evolved to provide its users with the impeccable team management as well as collaboration services. 

No matter where you are, you can virtually connect to the user in another part of the world by employing its audio as well as video feature. Moreover, if you have any qualms, then it can provide you with in-built beautification feature as well as background altering facilities. 

To add to this, calling from Zoom app is extremely easy and free if your interaction is equal or less than 40 minutes. If you wish to exceed this any further than this, then you can request and share for the link again or you can opt for the paid plans. The upgrade version of this app comes for $14.99/ Zoom monthly plan

The reason people are going ga-ga over Zoom- 

  1. HD video calls– One of the best features about Zoom is the cloud software it is built upon. It has MP4A and MP4 which detects the audio completely, as well as allows the users to connect and interact on a video call even when on low internet connectivity.
  2. Diverse market it caters to The Zoom because of its multitude of features allows the healthcare, education realm, corporate sector, and group of friends, family members, and many more to communicate via a seamless video connection. It is due to this app today that a plethora of people may be socially distant but happened to be closer than ever due to this platform. 
  3. Presentably features– What is a video call all about, if not seeing the other person and communicate properly? Well, Zoom understands the need to connect no matter what the time zone other person is in, or the state of condition they are in. Therefore to ease the overall connectivity it provides the users with the options to alter the background and even look their best for job interviews with their built-in features.
  4. Admin privileges- You can mute the other participants in question as well as create polls to gather their responses in the form of statistical figures. 
  5. Record meetings- If you don’t want anything to miss out then you can always record the video meetings for future purposes or references.
  6. Virtual-screen sharing– These are very important if you need to present your ideas in the form of a presentation. You can ask the admin to make you the admin, and tada! Start sharing your ideas. 
  7. Team management & collaboration tool- For the corporate gurus, this app has been no less than a savior. It helps users with remote connecting and sharing their ideas, challenges, and viewpoints regarding a project. This further omits the chance of error making as well as last-minute confusion thus saving the time and energy of our important resources. 

 Disclaimer alert: 

 The journey of Zoom isn’t a smooth sailing one- 

It was reported in mid-May that Zoom’s room was hijacked by some people putting forward the questions of its safety. 

This one news headline created a shock or series of doubts in the minds of its users making them opt for other platforms. 

 A glance on the video-conferencing market- 

When Mr. Eric Yuan designed the concept of Zoom, it already had Microsoft as its biggest and already established competitor counterpart. It was due to this reason that innumerable investors refused to invest in such a project. Fearing the competition, he tested the waters and remained persistent. And, today Zoom irrespective of its shortcomings is a huge player in this realm. 

Let’s come back to present, we are battling a pandemic and the obvious choices of preferred video conferencing apps are- 

Now, comes the resources you need to hire to create such an app-

1 Project Manager

  • iOS Developers*2
  • 1-2 Android Developers
  • 1-2 UI/UX Designers
  • 1 Backend Developers
  • 2 QA Specialists
  • Tech lead 

 Zoom today has competitors mainly, Google (duo), Jio, Skype, and many more. Before setting foot on the important decision to create an app like one, you should also determine the cost of making such an app. 

 The cost of the video conferencing app depends a lot upon- 

  1. Features provided 
  2. Design 
  3. Hourly rate of your assigned technological department

 Moreover, the cost is furthermore dependent on the development of the solution, skills sets used as well as an out-sourcing person. Based on the hourly rate of the assigned team, the cost bifurcation is listed as follows- 


Country Average hourly rate MVP Full feature set
UK $70 $ 84 000 – 101500 $ 122 500 – 168 000
USA $80 $96 000 – 116 000 $140 000 – 192 000
India $25 $ 30 000 – 36 250 $ 43 750 – 60 000
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) $30 $36 000 – 43 500 $52 500 -72 000
Western Europe i.e in Germany $60 $ 72 000 – 87 000 $ 105 000 – 144 000


 Now, the cost bifurcation according to the features to be incorporated is as follows- 


Feature Approx development time(hours) Approx cost ($)
Authorization 37 $1,850
Profile 31 $1,550
Video calls 29 $1,450
Contact list 14 $700
Audio calls 26 $1,300
Chat integration 102 $5,100
Notification system 35 $1,750
In-app purchases 10 $500
End to end encryption 30 $1,500
Design 80 $4000
Virtual background 7 $350
Screen sharing 22 $1,100
Total 590 $29,500
backend 315 $15,750

This may further depend on the skills set as well as the person hired. But, it does provide us with an approximate figure.

 Video Chat Monetization:

 This includes answers to your most asked question- how will the app bring out the money. Investors will find your project valuable if your creation can generate income. And the four ways that can help you get an income are as follows- 

  1. Advertisement
  2. Paid calls 
  3. Premium 
  4. Paid stickers

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Before the hunger of making an impact took over, Sidharth has worked as an adept developer for 7 years in top MNC, where he has managed systems for Fortune 500 corporates as well as for unicorn startups. 

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