5 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive Web Development In 2020

5 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive Web Development In 2020


Since 2017, responsive websites have been the buzzwordf among the web developer community. 2019 saw the conversion of over 94% of the websites to responsive. This proves one thing, no matter what industry or business size, constantly improving and upgrading your website for a faster and stronger website that meets and surpasses the changing user expectations is every business’s agenda.

As we step into 2020, businesses and developers are once again gearing up to welcome the new technologies. As Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and other technologies take front-foot and emerge more powerful than ever, there will be new technologies in the web development universe that would change the scenario. Here, I have summed up the five emerging technologies that you should gear up for if you are also planning to up your website game this year and survive the competition.

1.  Static Website Generators

While interactive, dynamic, and motion design sites are pulling companies towards them, there are several industries that don’t really require these many features in their sites. These could be businesses in information sharing, government sites, news portals, postal services, second-hand stores, or any other that requires the loading of content at the quickest. There are businesses that need to make their users more comfortable while offering them the required information.

Developing dynamic sites might consume a lot of time. Hence, businesses in 2020 would be seen going back to basics, i.e., back to static!

And this would become even easier for the developers with the static website generators. They would allow the creation of a website within 24 hours without any requirement of an external data source or database. Here are some of the best static website generators that will simplify the lives of developers in 2020:

  • Gatsby
  • Hugo
  • JS
  • Jekyll
  • JS

2.  Web Assembly

The limitations of JavaScript libraries tend to pull down the performance of web applications and in turn the user experience. With WebAssembly, the codes from JavaScript or any other programming language can be easily compiled into bytecodes for faster compilation.

This would assist the developers in multifold. They can now write even the critical parts of the web application in any language they deem appropriate and WebAssembly would execute it while running in the browser. Even the native applications can quickly run in any browser. This would help save the cost of an altogether new web app development and run the code on any browser at a near-native speed!

3.  Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service

Software developers would gain more power by combining AI’s predictive technology with serverless computing. Deploying this combination would enable them to improve the existing systems and even deploy new AI-powered platforms. While many developers and software development companies might think that they need complete knowledge of data sciences to leverage Artificial Intelligence, AIaaS or AI-as-a-Service would help them harness this duo off the shelf.

Deploying AI in their systems would be made simpler and cheaper with the help of providers offering AI-as-a-service platforms. Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are already offering these platforms, in 2020 more organizations would come to the for and offer AIaaS targeted for specific tasks.

4.  Yarn Package Manager

Package managers come to the rescue of developers as it simplifies the entire process of development. Wikipedia describes package managers as, “A collection of software tools that automates the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing computer programs for a computer’s operating system in a consistent manner.”

While there are a number of package managers available in the market, the one package manager that will rule in 2020 is Yarn Package Manager. Introduced by Facebook, this package manager would enable the developers to install, uninstall, update, configure any type of code modules in any application. This would be supporting the mixing registry while also being compatible with both npm as well as browser workflows.

5.  Motion UI With CSS & JS

With the attention span of humans going lower than that of a goldfish, grabbing the visitor’s attention would be a tough task for all. This is where motion UI can come to play. Keeping the user engaged throughout their scrolling experience on the page is essential and moving graphics are the best way to do so. While scrolling pages and parallax effects have been in the web design universe for quite a long time, websites with a motion user interface would be a new thing to gain popularity in 2020.

Flexible CSS patterns and new JavaScript libraries are being bundled in the latest version of Motion UI or MUI to offer seamless integration of motion graphics and animation on the website.

While these are the top emerging technologies in web development for 2020, the list is not exhaustive. You will also see many other technologies surfacing the tech world in 2020 like computer vision, blockchain technology, extended reality, RAIL (Responsive Animation Idle Load), and many more.

For every business to flourish (and even in this digitally competitive world), it is imperative that you implement these technologies in your business plan. So, gear up and implement these futuristic technologies in your web development in 2020!

As we have entered the second decade of the millennial, the web development universe has become more dynamic. New technologies are emerging and businesses need to leverage them so that they can remain competitive in the digital-first world. Here, we have clubbed the five emerging technologies that will drive web development in the coming times. Both web developers and businesses with a website (or planning to have one) can get an idea of what technologies they can leverage to have an edge.

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Swati Sharma, a writer by day and an avid reader by night, works as a Content Writer in Classic Informatics, a leading web development company in India. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the IT industry.

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