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Tech Staff Augmentation at Scale: Getting Serious about Nearshore and Offshore Development


Staff augmentation is the process of using outside staff and personnel as an addition to the capacity of your company. Nowadays, due to the availability and frequency of remote work, many companies are taking advantage of staff augmentation services through offshore and nearshore outsourcing. Partnering up with an outsourcing company to get the needed employees to work on a particular project is providing an advantage to companies when it comes to resources and competition. 


What is significantly at scale is the tech staff augmentation. Companies seem to be grabbing global talent as much as possible due to the advance in technology which requires software developers to be a part of every industry. Therefore, the reasons for getting a development team through the staff augmentation model are quite a few. Here are some points as to why tech staff augmentation is on the rise.


  1. The demand for software developers in the IT industry is on the rise, and it can’t meet the business needs and current expectations. It seems that web, software and mobile developers, as well as DevOps engineers, are within the ten most in-demand jobs for 2020. It is why businesses are reaching out to managed services to satisfy their requirements. 
  2. If businesses rely on offshore software development or nearshore development services, they can get access to global talent while saving money and repurposing their resources. This way, the company will have the needed resources to focus on their core business while leaving their outsourcing partner to do the development process for them. 
  3. Taking the advantage that nearshore software development companies offer, businesses can get to specialized and flexible talent, and this way keep a step ahead of their competitors.
  4. Staff augmentation can be a great option when there is a need for increased work capacity in cases of project work, spikes in customer demand, increased production, etc. Also, this is an excellent alternative in case you can’t find the right talent for your company and get to a temporary team instantly before making a permanent hire.
  5. In all the outsourcing cases, the client would have complete control over agile project scope, control the team, and check the working process. It’s up to you whether you’d like to hand over this job to the software development company or do the project management on your own. It is the type of flexibility that companies are going for when working with outsourced software developers.

Considering Nearshore and Offshore Development

Once you made a decision and want to outsource development, there are several points that you’d have to go through to choose a partner for tech staff augmentation. Even though many companies are outsourcing software developers, getting the right fit is crucial. For that purpose, going through the following checklist is going to come in handy before making a choice.  

  • What Geographical Location Would Be the Most Suitable Option for You?

Whether you choose nearshore zy7or offshore software development company will be according to your preferences since both have perks and drawbacks. For instance, if you select a nearshoring development company, there will be a match in the time zone, making it easier to schedule meetings with your team. On the other hand, offshore services might be a more cost-effective alternative that will offer you plenty of talented developers, as well as quality software. 

  • Check the Reputation and Brand Image of the Outsourcing Company

Once you discern whether nearshoring or offshoring would be better for you and you pick out an outsourcing country, it will be time to pick an outsourcing company. Always check the company’s reputation, reviews from clients and customers, and look at whether the company has a well-recognized brand image. Look for a company that has a good reputation within the local IT market and has satisfied employees.

  • What Are the Delivery Standards?

Before hiring developers, you should go through the company’s portfolio and see what products they have launched for other clients. Getting a high-quality service means a mixture of experience and knowledge. The delivery model of the staff augmentation agency will be a precursor on whether the team will provide the results you expect.

  • It’s All About Security

Data protection and risk management are vital components of every IT company. By checking the audit reports of your staff augmentation partner, you can get an insight into the security, privacy, and confidentiality standards. Some of the underlying security standards that every company handling sensitive data should comply with are HIPPA, PCI, ISO, etc. The staff augmentation company you choose should also educate its employees when it comes to establishing a security policy. 


So, if you think that it will be a better option to have an outsourced team for an in-house team, you might save up to 30% on the regular operating costs. If you do proper research and see all the perks that an outsourced tech team can offer you, the list will be longer than keeping an in-office team. And the risk of failure will be put to a minimum by the right staff augmentation agency. So, what are you waiting for?

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