Simple Strategies To Re-Engage your Inactive App Users

When you create a mobile application and launch it in the play store, the first thing you will be concerned about is increasing the number of downloads. The irony is even after achieving a fair number of downloads, some apps do not make it big in the competitive market. Poor customer retention strategies is one of the major causes for customers being inactive in using a mobile app. Your app should not be the first thing customers want to get rid of when they feel that their mobile is overloaded. Therefore, after launching an app, it is crucial to plan your customer retention strategies meticulously.

If you feel that you are missing out on something in the course of trying to retain your existing users, try these simple strategies.

Figure Out Why Users Are Inactive

The amount of time spent in mobiles is largely for using apps. Having said that, statistics show that about 25% of customers use apps only once after installing them. Therefore, you need to find where you are going wrong with your app. Whether it is the bugs that customers face in your app or a lack of interesting features or poor engagement strategies, narrow down the faults and get into action to rectify them. Track your user engagement and the length of active sessions to find where your app is holding back your customers. Analyze what are the interests of customers in your app and run event-based campaigns to get your existing customers back.

Be Social-media Friendly

During your app’s development, you should also maintain a social media profile. It is a good practice to post about new features and updates of your apps in your social media accounts. In addition, address the anxieties and problems your customers face by interacting directly with them on your social media pages. Giving due attention to the issues faced by your customers through well-thought-out responses on your social profiles can result in a better engagement for your app. While we are on the topic of social media, make sure your app seamlessly allows users to share their achievements or special moments through your app in their social media profiles.

Use Push Notifications

Notifications that are irrelevant and not of value will not help you in any way. However, when done right, push notifications can help re-engage your customers. The efficiency of push notifications in user engagement depends on the kind of app. Make sure your notifications results in more opt-ins than opt-outs. In a nutshell, a notification that is useful to the customer is all that is needed. At the same time, don’t overdo it, as it could result in driving your users further away.

Practice Deep Linking

Deep linking is the practice of including links to the relevant areas of your app (which are deeper in the class of links), rather than asking the user to go the home screen or the login screen of your app. This makes the user experience efficient and to the point. This should be one of the important strategies that should be considered when you develop your app. If this has not been one of the main points in your development plan, it is better late than never. Consider these while rolling out future updates.

We hope these simple strategies can aid you in restoring customers who have remained inactive in using your application for a long time.

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