Impact of IoT in Mobile App Development

On the modern technology, IOT (Internet of Things) refers to the connection of physical objects such as computers, home appliances, people or animals, and all other digital and mechanical devices to the internet via sensors and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
It uses many other different technologies such as Al and Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), Big Data Management tools, and the Cloud. Actually, IOT means linking °all things’ in this world to the internet which ensures that everything has the capacity to collect, transfer and act on the data without requiring any human intervention.
Every protocol used in networking, connectivity and the communication of IOT systems depend greatly on the specific deployed IOT applications. The study shows that 204 billion smart devices will by 2020 be connected to the 10T.
The Impact on Mobile Development
The IOT development appears to have created new milestones in business management, innovation, decision making, and user experience in modern technology, and software developers have started creating mobile applications that can do anything that the user needs at any time For instance, we have seen mobile applications that control thermostats in offices and homes via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These apps operate as remote or gateways that control the devices with the IOT endpoint as being the thermostat.
There were about 20 billion installed IOT systems in the year 2017 worldwide and by 2021 the number is expected to grow to about 36 billion. Since developers are focused more on the development of IOT applications, the following are the impacts on the mobile app development.
• Centralized Household Management
Users can control their home appliances at one location using a single device such as a smartphone making common household tasks even more centralized. Devices equipped with the IOT platforms have certain apps are able to emit signals in form of an alert or notification when the user enters a budding that is linked with the system. This enables one to perform specific tasks such as checking the security cameras, turning on the lights and etcetera. This centralized household management has been made possible by the Beacon Technology which today has become easy to access and cost-effective for a user.
• Hybrid App Development
The increased demand for mobile phones and devices has led to the development of mobile apps that can constantly connect with people and also objects using the current technical user interface/experience (UI/UX) designs. This new app development style contains more advanced and sophisticated codes which lead to the development of hybrid platforms.
• Improved Efficiency
The utilization of the IOT technology in the development of mobile applications has led to the good use of resources which has improved efficiency — users are able to make use of multiple devices through a single IOT interface using the app. This will enable automation of many different processes which provides a route to more smart cities, offices and homes. Business institutions can use this technology to monitor the entire business operations, improve customer experience, make better decisions, enhance employee productivity, adapt and integrate business models, save money and time, and generate a great deal of income.
• Strengthened Data Security Measures
In the past, people were against the use of IOT in the mobile app development since it posed a great threat to the security of the application. Cybercriminals targeted such systems to steal and make use of data the apps generated in ways that are not ethical. Today, Software developers are more keep about the security of this technology in order to eliminate the possibilities of cybercrimes. They have added a strong layer of data safety using sophisticated data encryption procedures which ensures data is safe as always.
• Increased Demand of IOT Specialists
The growth of loT technology is very fast and by 2025, devices using this technology are expected to be more than 75 million. This raises the need for more app developers who are more specialized in IOT development. This will create a lot of employment in the future. Software developers who usually work on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android should consider choosing their niche in the development of IOT systems.
The use of IOT on the current technology has a great number of benefits in many areas of operations such as industries, business institutions, and homes. It’s an advanced technology that is more efficient and serves to increase revenue for many public and private business organizations. Since almost every person owns a mobile device, the future of IOT in mobile app development is seen to rise a great deal in the near future benefiting many app developers and businesses.

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