How to create an app like Whatsapp?

How to create an app like Whatsapp?

Do you wish to create a successful instant messaging app? Or you want to add value to the already existing messenger? Then consider today as your lucky day.

It is because we can guide you in an easy way through the muddy waters of application development.
But, first, before taking our bite of the delicious main course, let’s indulge in the starters. And, once you get an idea about the right method to create a Whatsapp messaging app, you can hire a remote app developer.

Whatsapp: A brief history

Since its inception in the year, 2009 Whatsapp has been the number one name in the instant messaging realm which was further founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Initially, it was made accessible for only iOS users. But, with time, it was readily available for the operating systems as well as the other Android smartphones.

Features offered by Whatsapp :

When you install WhatsApp on your smartphone, you can avail the following features-
You can exchange text
You can create a room ( new feature )
You can share multimedia
Can also exchange geodata

Moreover, along with the impeccable features, it has:

– Rich functionality
– User-friendly interface
– High performance
– Flexible setting adjustment
– And, due to its easy connectivity, WhatsApp has helped a plethora of businesses to venture and explore its horizons.

Let’s consider some statistics:

It was reported that WhatsApp enjoys 1.5 billion active users all around the globe. On a daily basis more than 1.5 billion of WhatsApp calls are made every day. And, 27% of the selfies are shared via WhatsApp text messaging.

They revised their revenue models in which today they are actively charging the business owners for slow replies.

How to create an app like Whatsapp?

If you wish to create an app like WhatsApp you should keep in mind the following steps-
What will be your business model?
Do you want to know who will be your target audience?
If you are creating a messaging app then who should be your users? Today, the entire world is working, studying remotely, and even confined to the safe environment of their home.

In times like this, social networking sites and their usage have increased tremendously. And, if you create an app for the general masses, it can be an instant hit.

App Monetization Ways:

Often the app monetization is one of the biggest reasons why an app developing company invests in one. The app developer wants to lure profits and generate money out of it.

And, the best way to do this is by incorporating a money-making mechanism. Moreover, an app is regarded as one of the efficient marketing tools for any brand.
Currently, WhatsApp is providing its market with the following mode of payments-

1.P2P payments

You can initiate transactions. And, for each transaction, WhatsApp will pay a minimum amount of fee.
2.In-app purchases

The users can buy stickers from the WhatsApp library and make their messaging more unique as well as interactive.

It is one of the best ways to monetize your app. But, remember; do not annoy your users with too many ads.

Study your competitors every move:

Before venturing into any market or even developing an app, you should analyze and know your competitors well. Study their offerings, investigate the loopholes.
And, understand how your app can make a difference from the current or present one.

One of the effective ways to develop a successful version of the already existing app is by providing the users with value along with the added service.
The aforementioned-value could be anything. But, no matter what you choose, understand that it should provide your masses with something.

Hire an experienced team:

Why do people always seek experienced men over the general one? Have you ever found yourself amidst this question? Fret not, we can answer this for you!

An experienced mind knows the beforehand difficulties and will save you from any problems or glitches.
Moreover, hiring a fresher can often put your project at risk. And, the result of this is a poorly designed code that hampers the overall application process.

So, read the technological stack required to create an app like Whatsapp :

  1. Sales Manager
  2. Project Manager
  3. Software developers (2 front-end, as well as 2 backends and 2, can be engaged in the post-release)
  4. Quality assurance engineer ( 1-4 members)
  5. UI/UX designers (2)
  6. Marketing manager for product promotion


Before delving any further, let’s start with the core :

Have you ever wondered how WhatsApp handles message traffic? For the same purpose, it employs the Ejabberd XMPP application server composed in a programming language known as Erlang. Now you may wonder why it is perfect.

The answer to the same is it is an ideal choice when accommodating heavy communication systems due to its sustainability. Moreover, Erlang checks and fixes the glitches and adapts to the updates.
Therefore, it is because of this feature that it requires no need to restart to add new functions or undergo updates.

Moreover, to store multimedia files it employs yet another webserver (popularly known by the abbreviation YAWS) which is written in Erlang. And for the power servers, they use FreeBSD (an operating system).

Mnesia as the database as well as the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) can be used to transfer messages.
The best part about this technology is that it offers one-to-one as well as multi-user chat functionalities.

And, the programming language employed is for iOS – Objective-C or Swift, Android – Java or Kotlin.

On wrapping it up!

The technological stack may vary according to the value to be incorporated. And, often an experienced mind can guide you along the process of building a successful WhatsApp messaging tool.

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