The Essential App Launch Checklist

Have an app idea that will take the world over by storm? The journey of an app from the time it is conceived in the mind of a genius to the time it reaches the audience is full of hard work and upheavals, and a well defined strategy is what can ensure your app catches the fancy of the users, even before you launch it!

Creating an app is not enough, a lot of success hinges on how you launch and introduce the app to the users. In case you are in the process of developing or almost ready to launch an app, here is the essential app launch checklist that will hold you in good stead.

Don’t launch before it is ready

Yes, once again, this one is about the importance of beta testing. Do not launch an app that has not been tested. Beta testing allows you to test your app on real users so that you can receive real feedback.

Do not, just do not launch before fixing any issues that crop up during beta testing, even if it delays the launch by few days or weeks. Remember, a bad user experience is worse than an informed delay.

Create a buzz even before you launch

There is no need to wait to launch your app before you start publicizing it. Create a press kit with a Press Release (PR), details about your company, screenshots of the app, a demo video and an app description. Get in touch with bloggers and media, and if your idea is unique, more often than not they will write about you for free.

Another important aspect is to create a social media presence well in advance. Set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and any other relevant social media pages at least few weeks before the launch to generate a buzz around the app. Post and tweet regularly (at least once a week) before and after the launch and respond to any feedback to develop a loyal user base.

Choose your audience well in advance

Choosing your target audience well in advance can help you plan a targeted launch strategy for your app. Once you know your user base (age, region, demographics), you can also find out what mobile platform they use the most. This step is something you must do even before you start developing the app. This lets you target the users, right from the start.

Explore app stores

There is no need to stick to only Google Play or Apple Store. There are several alternative app stores out there and you must submit your app to as many of these for wider distribution and reach.

Do not ignore optimization

Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization cannot be ignored if you want your app to be easily found by users. In fact, even while you develop content for your app, do not forget to include keywords and phrases users would type while finding the app.

Another important step to promote your app is to network with a mobile ad network and use in-app marketing to reach out to the targeted user base.

Following the above launch checklist can help you acquire more users and monetize your app effectively. A well-planned launch is just the right platform a great app requires to take the mobile world by storm.

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