COVID-19 and the Importance of Digital Transformation


COVID-19 and the Importance of Digital Transformation

 The outbreak of COVID-19 has made political and natural boundaries almost irrelevant. The need for self-quarantining and social distance has turned out to be crucial concerning our economy and personal health. Obviously, we have no other way of fighting against this pandemic. We avoid stepping out of our homes to purchase the essentials. Now, how will you adapt your business model based on this situation? The best answer to you is to start the journey of the ultimate digital transformation. To do that, your first step is to develop a mobile app for your business. 

A few months ago, when you have not heard about coronavirus, you have been indifferent to the app development needs. However, now, this app can develop the best future for your enterprise.

We have witnessed three things due to the ongoing epidemic and the resulting lockdown mode in this world.

  • Increased acceptance of digital solutions
  • A higher need for online services in different conventional sectors
  • A rise in the trend of connectivity in most of the industries

Some private and public entities have collaborated with Android and iOS app development professionals to create custom digital platforms. In fact, the government authority has also used digital infrastructure to predict outbreaks. 

1. Mobile app and other digital technologies have to be accessible:

Although lots of businesses have embraced digital technologies, they have to do something more to make their solutions accessible to all. For instance, disabled users can browse the internet and keep away from any barrier due to the use of digital accessibility. What does the term, digital accessibility denote? Your mobile apps, electronic documents, and websites have to be manageable to users, having physical disabilities. These disabled customers choose the online world for shopping and for finding information on health issues, banking, and medications. 

2. Blockchain-based mobile app development to manage pandemic issues:

As blockchain technologies work best for sharing, securing, and verifying data, they are the right choice for managing cross-border deals. In the past few years, several enterprises have relied on this technology. However, the rate of making deployments was very slow. 

Coronavirus has revealed that our supply chains have become weak, and we are unable to deploy our resources properly. Thus, it is the right time to unleash the potentials of blockchain solutions to deal with challenges.

3. Digital solutions ensure automation:

As social distancing has turned out to be a norm, corporate sectors think of automating their business operations. Automation is highly important for the manufacturing industry. It enables firms to carry out their everyday activities without engaging human beings. Moreover, automation is the most effective way of increasing productivity to provide better quality products with a lower operational cost.

Furthermore, the introduction of automation with app-based solutions will also please your customers. You can rely on a mobile app development company to create a platform that promotes regular networking with your customers. 

Besides, you can minimize human errors with automated technologies in the digital world. You may also avoid doing repetitive tasks to develop a digital product. 

4. Digitalization to keep up the flow of data and communication:

The coronavirus pandemic has created a time of crisis. Thus, the internal communication of your business has to be easily understandable, clear, and transparent. In addition, you must reach your message to the workforce on time. Team leaders, employers, managers, and other workers have to make significant efforts to make the communication process smoother. 

In some organizations, you can find a complicated internal communication system, and employees feel confused due to the flow of irrelevant data. As we are going to fight against coronavirus, we have to update the communication mode. Rely on digital portals for a better flow of important information. 

5. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence technology identifies patterns from the interpretation of big data. Besides, this special capability elucidates that AI is useful to manage the COVID-19 crisis. The AI-powered applications, developed by a company, include several features, including natural language processing, predictive analytics, image recognition, chatbots, speech analysis, and video analytics. Moreover, these innovative features enable healthcare staff to diagnose diseases and make out the transmission of the virus. 

Besides helping healthcare employees, AI can sustain the asset-heavy infrastructure of medical device manufacturers, oil and gas, transportation, and utility. Companies, leveraging AI technology, use analytical data to interpret the historical and real-time information, delivered by IoT sensor-embedded equipment. Thus, it helps them to prevent failures and eliminate the cause of issues.  

6. Keeping your employees productive throughout the lockdown period:

Both startups and established companies have arranged remote working setups once they have heard about the plague. Indeed, the initial intention of these corporate bodies was to prevent the virus from infecting their employees. 

In due course, they realize that this remote working trend will help them to retain the productivity of employees who will work from their homes. They have understood the advantages of implementing new technologies to accomplish their tasks successfully.   

Moreover, companies that have not focused on the digitalization of internal activities are rethinking their business scheme. They look for tech solutions to maintain consistency in business performance and prevent operational disruptions. 

7. A better collaboration of employees during the pandemic:

Let’s continue the topic of remote work. Digital techs not only make your employees dynamic but also promote collaboration among team members. Business leaders and other professionals predict that companies will continue the trend of physical separation of employees while the world will be free of coronavirus. Besides, the pandemic situation has transformed the way employees are working together. Technologies can be the best weapon for companies, trying to adapt to the present situation.  

Moreover, organizations have to assess and identify the right blend of digital collaborations tools designed for both business partners and employees. Google, Cisco, and Microsoft are some of the leaders in this niche. However, you have to focus on scalability and security to choose the best tools. You may also create a custom platform to promote teamwork of employees. 

8. Conference in the virtual world:

Cancel your booking of a conference room, and schedule a video conference. From educational institutes to companies, everyone has accepted video conferencing systems. Besides, due to the travel restrictions imposed for coronavirus transmissions, the cloud-based conference has enabled your corporations to reduce the impact of long-term confinement.  

For instance, one of the reputed cloud-conferencing service providers, Zoom, has found a spike in the active user base. 

9. Digital technologies make everything connected:

As the coronavirus hit the world, the IoT application market share is on the rise. Businesses are deploying IoT technologies, and we have found a threefold increase in the use of the number of innovative IoT-connected gadgets.  

Thus, we can now see that technological innovations are moving through a path at the fastest rate. Also, the pandemic has caused mindboggling progress in the world of technologies. So, you must also adopt digitalization to stay afloat in your business field. You can give the best response to your employees and customers during the virus pandemic. 

The best fact is that digitalization provides you with a cost-effective route, and businesses from any field can appreciate it.

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