Top 10 HTML5 App Development Companies – August 2017


Just a casual search on Google reveals app development companies claiming their expertise in developing apps for any platform – be it iPhones, iPad, Windows, Android and so on.

However, the truth is far from these claims, as many would vouch. For instance, many app development companies assert their skill in developing HTML5 apps, but only a few would be true masters in creating apps on HTML5.

Moreover, it is not just the technological edge; an ideal app development partner has the unique capability of transforming business requirements into technical specifications and fulfils all delivery aspects in timely and acceptable manner.

To help brands find the right app development partners, Top App Creators, an online platform that evaluates, rates and lists top ten best app development companies in each category, for instance, top ten HTML5 app development companies. The comprehensive list gives brand owners the opportunity to engage the most promising app development company from the best ten in the world.

  1. Brocoders

    Brocoders is an expert team of developers and designers who build awesome web and mobile applications to make your business successful.

  2. Selesti

    At Selesti we believe that with smart use of digital technology we can help our partners to achieve great things. Over the last 12 years, we’ve worked closely with our clients, diving deep into the data, delivering sharp strategies and measurable results. We are vibrant, inventive and ambitious which has led to huge growth for both us and our clients.

  3. TheAppLabb

    We are a Toronto-based team of technology evangelists, designers and developers that fosters the transformative power of technology. We work with agencies, global brands and entrepreneurs, and contribute to their success by understanding their unique needs and creating business value through innovative solutions.

  4. CodeFirst

    Provides custom application and database development services.

  5. MessageMuse Digital Agency

    MessageMuse Digital Agency Provide, Professional Web Design Services, Website Development Services, Mobile App Design Services, Mobile Apps Development Services, Digital Marketing Services, Logo Design and Graphic Design Services, Native and Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services, We are Professional Software Company in Columbia, SC Providing Services from 2004. Connect Us Today! for your any Mobile, Web and Digital Marketing Related Query. We are available with 24/7 Support.

  6. Scio Consulting

    Scio was founded in 2003 with the vision of helping others achieve their business objectives by leveraging digital technologies. Over the years we have grown steadily and profitably as a provider of web and app development services to our clients throughout the Americas and Europe.

  7. Mylaensys

    Mylaensys is a U.S. Company, comprised of experienced and highly trained professionals, who decided to combine their knowledge and creativity to form a strong and unique partnership, focused on providing consumers with advanced technological alternatives regardless of the project scope or magnitude. The size and efficiency of the company gives the agility to move quickly while allowing to deliver high quality services and products.

  8. Tupple Apps

    Tupple is a privately held company in India with a record of consistent performance and a strong balance sheet. The company was founded in 2013 and aimed to be a reliable partner for our clients, addressing their business and technical needs. We have been grown to 2 to 16 staff in last 3 years.

  9. Hexacta

    Hexacta is a world class IT consulting company that offers excellence and experience in software. Our business is about giving the best solutions to our global clients.

  10. Fraction tech

    Fraction Tech is Website Design & Development Company which helps to Boost your business with responsive web design and develop, SEO & Search Engine friendly websites & CRM at Affordable Price.

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