Top 10 Windows Application Development Companies – March 2017


While many companies choose to go with either an Android or iOS native app for their marketing efforts, support for the Windows phone will be appreciated by customers who have chosen this device. If your company has already reached out to customers who use iOS and Android devices, it might be a good idea to include a Windows phone version of your app in your portfolio.

Building an app for the Windows phone is also demanded by companies that have issued Windows phones to their employees, and would like to increase the mobility, productivity and efficiency of their workforce with an enterprise app. Whatever the case may be, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Windows app development companies, based on the following criteria: experience, reputation, and success rate. We hope that this list will help make your investment worthwhile.

Here are our Top 10 Windows App Development Companies of March 2017:

Future Mind

We started as a startup in 2008. In 2010 we have become one of the first software houses in Poland that was building mobile apps. In that time we have managed to build over 50 mobile apps and more than double of other products. We have transformed into service design agency to become more efficient and to meet our customers’ needs. Today, thanks to the mobile and other new technologies we are helping our clients to achieve their goals through the most efficient channels.

Touch Instinct

We create mobile applications for our clients since 2011. We will develop fast and user-friendly native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone depending on your needs.

DevRain Solutions

DevRain Solutions specialization is mobile and cloud development (Xamarin, iOS, Android, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, WPF, UWP, Windows Phone, UX/UI). We delivered numerous mobile applications, web sites and cloud solutions for startups, entertainment, bank, TV and enterprise brands. Providing a full stack development from the idea to publishing, as well as research & development, startups consulting, proof of concept and other services.


Mobter Sp. z o.o. is a leading polish mobile software house. In 2013 has delivered mobile banking app for Euro Bank S.A. (Societe Generali Group) which has taken first place in ranking of best polish bank’s apps for mobile phones. Mobter’s software is used by hundreds of thousands users worldwide.

Mercury Intermedia

Mercury builds strategic (mission-critical) mobile applications and platforms for major commercial media, retail, enterprise and higher education institutions. The company also created Talaria, a mobile content distribution platform that enables organizations to quickly and easily create engaging mobile experiences for their internal and external audiences.


We are MobiDev, your software development partner. We work for software product companies and startups around the world, delivering mobile and desktop apps, websites, web services, and complex solutions that consist of these components.

Stone Labs

We are web and mobile solution studio. We explore and solve business problems by means of harnessing cutting edge internet-technologies.

Appy Monkey

We are a dynamic App Development company situated in London. We have successfully created cutting edge apps for the past 5 years making us one of the leading studios in the world. With the team full of creative geniuses you are assured that your app will be produced to the highest and latest standards.

Pixel Lab

We use a little design love and dev kung fu to build apps for people like you that run on the web, the desktop or on mobile devices like Windows Phone 7. Our shared history is Microsoft, but we have done extensive work in Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and even some Flash and iPhone.

AppShark Software

AppShark is a leading provider of Salesforce, Mobile (Native, Hybrid), Custom development (Java, .NET, HTML5) & integration, and Cloud solutions. Since our founding in 2007, we have been dedicated to providing innovative, scalable and inexpensive solutions in these areas. Enterprises can leverage our world-class infrastructure and strong domain expertise to build, manage, deploy and support world-class solutions that drive business growth. AppShark builds and manages smart software solutions that drive business results by increasing sales, engaging stakeholders and improving operational efficiency.

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