Mobile App Development Industry Series – Interview With Victoria Moiseyenko, Qarea Inc.

is one of Eastern Europe’s leading software outsourcing providers. They support customers with a wide range of cutting-edge technological solutions. 15+ years’ experience, and certified specialists.

Here’s what Victoria Moiseyenko has to say about the company and the latest trends happening in the app industry.

What does your mobile app development company do?

We are a company of solutions. And that’s pretty much what we do – we provide businesses with highly technological, automated web and mobile app resources.

Why are enterprises adapting to mobility?

Could you tell me what time is it now? Aha – you’ve looked on your phone. And so would anyone. Phones, tablets and wearable devices have already become an integral part of our lives. Everything from small notes to photos of loved ones to precious connections to work emails are stored in a single device.

Enterprises aren’t really that different. Smart company owners realise the simplicity and availability of mobile devices as well as the potential of cutting corners with, say, a logistics app. Mobile is today’s pen and paper. Technology has leaked into every corner of progress and seems like something that should be in place by default. It’s just too common to avoid.

What does the popularity of games like Pokemon Go mean for app development industry?

Technically, Pokémon Go was a big bang without any buck. No one remembers the hype today. No one but witty investors who have re-discovered a long forgotten field of innovations that’s worth attention. I am a huge fan of AR and I’ve knew the value of the product long before Pokémon Go. In fact, we have a series of related whitepapers on – feel free to check those out.

Why do app developers prefer iOS despite Android’s market leadership?

iOS is simpler. No variety. You won’t have to test your app for compatibility with countless screen sizes and handset producers. iOS is slightly more scalable and has superior standards. Things will change shortly and I believe that the recent downfall of iPhone 7 sales are proving my point.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

$10000 to $100000 on average.

Which software and tools do you mostly use while developing apps?

It really depends on the case. We are not a one size fits all company. A custom approach is taken to every customer after the requirements are analysed updated and approved.

Do you think Augmented Reality apps are the future? Why?

Yeah, they sure are. Mankind has desired a technology like that for millennia. VR won’t do the trick because it doesn’t blend with your everyday lives. You can’t drive or work or talk to real people in a VR headset while AR products only enhance the comprehension of the real world. Do note that I do not mean mobile AR apps like the before mentioned Pokémon Go. These games are only the first step.

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