Top 10 Wearables App Development Firms – January 2017


Companies these days want to level up their interaction and contacts with their customer base. Apart from the apps in IOS, Android and Smartphones, they also aim to make something new that will catch the attention of a lot of users. Well, nothing to worry about as wearable tech is already here to help you out.

Wearable market for this year 2017 is still at its infancy. As January 2017 starts, its market value is estimated to increase. There are lots of companies that have their strategies and are ready to meet this trend. Despite the challenges and the complexity in the development of apps for wearable technology, more companies are not giving up. They aim of showcasing the success and progress that this app offers.

If you don’t have the time and effort to make your own strategy, switch to the list below of the top wearable app development companies with the reference, experience and skills to offer you the best wearable app development result.

Here are our Top 10 Wearables App Development Firms of January 2017:

Nasty Creatures

Nasty Creatures – a full-service company delivering high-quality enterprise (web, cloud, enterprise mobility) and mobile (iOS, Android) solutions in such sectors as finance, consumption and retail; as well as providing epublishing services for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies. Our team of highly experienced specialists in development, design and strategic planning is always in the forefront of tech innovations.

FS Studio

Dedicated team of talented developers with years of experience producing quality software as well as excellent web applications and web infrastructure using the latest frameworks and technologies. We also can handle your branding, UX, graphic design, and QA needs as well.


NybleCraft is an International leading technology service provider and software development company delivering comprehensive solutions in application development, systems integration, software testing and rich internet technologies.We provide development of simple and enterprise mobile applications for business of any size. NybleCraft provides expert guidance on mobile, embedded and cloud solutions across all modern platforms such as iOS, Android, Window Mobile Mobile and Blackberry OS.

Attrecto Smartphone Solutions

Attrecto is more than an App Developer shop – we are the largest mobile software solution provider in Hungary with 3 divisions: Mobile Strategy Consulting, Custom Solution Development and Support&Maintenance Center.

Bright Inventions

We are a team of solid, self-motivated Polish developers who create mobile and web applications. Our approach always aims at thorough understanding of the problem and building unique solutions for best customer experience.


Since 2003, we’ve used our expertise and resources to assist North American companies of all sizes successfully accomplish their digital solution development objectives. From concept to production, all work is done in North America. As a result, we deliver a local, high value and quality customer experience.

Whalla Labs

A team of software developers experienced in creating mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. For 4 years, we’ve been delivering stunning web & mobile products for small business owners, startups, and larger corporations.

Evus Technologies

Evus Technologies partners with founders to turn great ideas into profitable businesses. We specialize in Mobile, Enterprise and IoT. Unique emphasis on the client’s business success with market analysis, user research, KPI definition, monetization strategies, financial forecasting, project funding, design and architecture, program development, customer acquisition, performance monitoring and analytics, consumer experience optimization and performance optimization.


OCDLab has a unique hybrid development approach aimed to provide excellent value to customers without the common challenges of offshore development. We take the best of both worlds, literally, and deliver on the strengths and talents of our multiple offices while maintaining a very competitive pricing structure.. Our California team is responsible for strategy, planning, architecture, design and quality control and our global team is responsible for primary development.


Praxent is a custom software development and user experience agency. We prototype, design and develop custom web and mobile apps that drive business growth.

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