Top 10 Wearable App Development Companies – July 2017


With the rise in usage of Wearable technology, it’s only apt for marketers to start thinking of new concepts that would serve to continue the growth of the said technology. Who knows? You might end up pioneering the invention that would define this generation of mobile apps. Your ideas won’t come to life if you lack the necessary knowledge to create wearable apps, though. Good news is that, if you’re not yet already aware of it, there are companies that actually specialize in the development of apps that focus primarily on wearable technology.

The mere fact that we have included 10 of the best ones in this list says a lot about the potential that this technology has in the years to come. Not a lot of users may be relying on wearables at the moment, but if there’s continued interest in investing in the field (such as the one that you are expressing at the moment), then it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the future is indeed bright for this tech. And, the company that you select from this list could very well serve as the key to your success.

Here are our Best Wearables App Development Companies July 2017:

  1. Qoderoom

    Qoderoom is an international software house with extensive experience in various branches of the human activity and deep knowledge of Information Technologies. We create custom software solutions for our customers, turning their ideas into excellent products and services.

  2. Binariks

    Binariks is technology solution company providing advanced consulting and software development services to clients across the globe. The company is headquartered in USA with development and consulting center located in Lviv, Western Ukraine.

  3. Dynamic Leap

    Dynamic Leap is a custom software development company in Vancouver. We have a long history of designing and building amazing experiences for iOS, Android, Responsive Web, tvOS, macOS, and Wearables.

  4. RustyBrick

    Since 1994, RustyBrick has been creating Web software for businesses and organizations of all kinds. Over the years we have grown to offer anything from iPhone and Android apps, to branding and identity creative work. Using the latest technologies, we build the most dynamic and reliable solutions for your company.

  5. VDartDigital

    VDart Digital Inc. is a globally renowned SMAC tech based digital transformations company. We deliver industry-focussed tech products and solutions leveraging mainstream and emerging technologies like Augmented Reality, BLE 4.0. Wearables, IoT, Big Data, etc. We are based in Alpharetta, Georgia and have business centres spread across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

  6. OutworX Corporation

    OutworX is a leading provider of Cloud, Mobility, Social and Analytics solutions to small and large enterprises. Our multi-domain experience enables us to integrate best practices from various industries to develop innovative solutions best suited for business needs.

  7. stable/kernel

    With clients ranging from innovative startups to Fortune 500s, stable|kernel is a mobile app development company full of creators and problem solvers who specialize in strategy, planning, design and development of iOS, Android, macOS and web services applications.

  8. 10Clouds

    10 Clouds is a Mobile App and Web Development company based in Warsaw, Poland. We creat custom mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as great looking HTML5 based web solutions.

  9. Cortex

    Driven by an appetite for apps and all things innovation, we’ve assembled a team of design masters and development whizzes. Founded in 2008 by Jean-Michel Lebeau, our focus from day one has been to harness the power of cutting-edge tech to create next-level, value-added experiences for every client. Today, we work with some of the most talented players in the industry, all driven by a shared mission to create outstanding, innovative tech solutions to take your business to the next level.

  10. Nimblechapps

    Nimblechapps is an offspring of the collective efforts of the enthusiastic and intellectual developers of various technologies that can together and became the Nimbles (What we call ourselves) year ago. Each personnel having 5+ years of experience in their respective fields.

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