Top 10 iPhone Application Development Firms – February 2017


Developing an app for the iPhone that would be well-received by users or that you yourself intend to use privately on a long-term basis requires nothing less than the touch of professional app developers. Of course, this is assuming that you have none or limited knowledge about app development as a whole. If you already have an idea about how you want your app to look or function, though, then availing of the services of an excellent iPhone app development company would certainly make it easier for you to have it come to life.


This is why we wish to help you in your search by giving you a list of the top, proven iPhone app developers that are still actively accepting clients at present. We have provided a brief background on each one, and we encourage you to take the time to read them as they would really give you a good preview of what you can expect from each company.

Here are our Top 10 iPhone Application Development Firms of February 2017:

Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution is an award-winning Mobile App Development Company with 8+ year of experience. We provide iPhone & Android App Development, Web Development with complete Ecommerce Solution. We have completed more than 1500 projects including 200+ mobile applications for companies of all sizes.


Softnauts, Mobile and Web Software House, located in Krakow, delivers a full range of cost – effective and reliable software development solutions for international clients, including small/medium companies and enterprise customers. We are specializing in Mobile Development (Android/iOS) and Web solutions (PHP/Symfony2, JavaScript). Our experienced English speaking team will assist you throughout the whole process, starting from gathering requirements, through design, agile development and QA.

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

AppSquadz Technologies is known for offering the best iPhone App Development services to wide range of clients of different verticals. No matter which type of App you are looking to develop, the company houses skilled iPhone app developers who are well-versed with the iOS platform thoroughly.


Dotsquares have been at the forefront of mobile application development and have some of the most experienced developers in the business. As smart phone technology has expanded, so have the range of apps available. We have been proud to have been part of this revolution; building apps for many major brands to support their customers and social apps for you to share with your friends. Our apps have gained rave reviews, not just for our customers, but from their customers too!


Rosberry is a mobile app development studio founded in 2010. Our company today is a team of 26 young professional developers, designers, quality assurance engineers and managers working together from Omsk. For the last six years we have used our experience and knowledge in more than 160 international projects providing mobile development services to small and large-scale companies, start-ups and individuals worldwide. Our mobile applications are used by more than 70 million users worldwide.

Waverley Software

We’re based in Silicon Valley with exceptional pools of global talent that are top-notch and cost-effective enabling our clients the ability to scale up or down depending on their needs and schedule.

Ventuso LLC

Ventuso was founded by a group of highly motivated engineers/entrepreneurs that want to make a different in the world. We focus on Mobile Applications, E-Business Solution, Network Solutions, Software & Web Development, Software Outsourcing, on site and offshore. We believe in building quality products and stand behind our works with utmost integrity.

AppliKey Solutions

Applikey is a professional services company focused on mobile app development. Founded in 2012 Applikey started as a development agency specialising in iOS apps. Since then it has grown from a garage start-up to a well-established company with more than 50 employees providing such services as: iOS and Android mobile app development, web development, design, project management and quality assurance. Our main development centre is located in a scientific centre of Ukraine, which is well known for its top-notch IT engineers.

Steamclock Software

Steamclock crafts polished apps for iPhone, Android, and the web. We design, develop, and deliver. Founded in 2010 by alumni of Apple and Radical Entertainment, Steamclock builds high-quality mobile software in Vancouver, BC. In addition to developing products of its own, Steamclock consults with other technology companies to design and develop excellent software for mobile.


Founded in 2006, focuses primarily on web project development. We offer full project lifecycle services from planning (spec writing) to implementation to ongoing technical support.

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