Top 10 iPad App Development Companies – July 2017


iPad App Development is only ever leveraged by the companies that specialize in the said craft. If most online businesses are going to ignore this and continue to rely on less-than-satisfactory means to create their apps, then they are surely missing out on what true success in iPad app development really means. If you are one of the more enlightened marketers out there who are open to working with third-party companies, then let us aid you in your search by giving you a list of the 10 best iPad app development companies.


By reading the brief descriptions of every company, you would surely gain a good overview of the services offered by each one as well as a few concise background information about how long the specific company has been around. It’s worth visiting the official site of every company, though, as you would certainly gain a wealth of information in their websites as well.

Here are our Best iPad App Development Companies July 2017:

  1. Selecto

    At Selecto, we are passionate about developing digital software solutions that make a real difference to our customers. Software development and support covers a huge range of customised services and solutions and can include redevelopments, re-platforming or creating of new applications that meet a specific need for your business model.

  2. Night Kitchen Interactive

    Our online exhibits and interpretive installations facilitate exploratory learning through insightful narratives and compelling storylines. We craft meaningful experiences by combining the latest technological trends with collections-based insight, creating a unique and memorable connection with audiences.


    Product design & development house, is a team of data-informed and results-driven entrepreneurs that help rapidly-growing startups and enterprises succeed.

  4. wildcard

    At wildcard, we believe that a healthy dose of creativity and business insight is absolutely necessary to deliver inspired & efficient technology solutions. Building upon our decades of experience, we aspire to architect comprehensive digital products. Our mission is to help you build your business, not just your technology.

  5. The Tactile Group

    The Tactile Group is a full solution digital agency that is designed to give a damn. We combine research, digital strategy, user experience, and visual design to help our clients think beyond the ordinary. We partner with local, state, and federal governments, as well as enterprise and non-profit clients to provide outstanding digital experiences. We are a diverse team of talented professionals who continuously evolve by seeking inspiration in the world around us.

  6. Emerge Interactive

    Emerge is a digital experience agency. We build great user experiences that create real life value. Human-centered design drives everything we do. Whether we’re envisioning responsive digital ecosystems, designing complex platforms, or building mobile apps, tools, and experiences – whether we’re modernizing supply-chains, augmenting physical products, and inventing better business models – we make things that matter.

  7. Inobright Inc.

    Our community consists only of tech-savvy web and mobile developers, who have enough competence and expertise to help you at the every step of development. Our mission at Inobright is to pair our unique breadth of engineering and design experience in mobile and web development with a passion for quick and robust development. We value customer satisfaction above all else, seeking long-lasting relationships with our clients.

  8. Haneke Design

    Haneke Design is a strategic, interactive design and development firm focused on delivering user-centered solutions for desktop, mobile, tablet, and wearable devices. Our core services center on iOS and Android mobile application design and development and website/web application design and development.

  9. IntelligentBee

    IntelligentBee, a software company proudly based in Iasi, Romania, was founded from the need of delivering reliable services to companies in need of quick scaling knowledge and execution capabilities. We like to focus on building really stable Web and Mobile Apps. We continue to be there for our clients long after we build their apps. We treat every app we build as our own and we feel responsible for its success.

  10. The Sneakers Agency

    Sneakers provides digital product strategy and development to established brands, startups, and agencies. The web is always at the tip of our fingers. In this day and age, our phones are an extension of ourselves. Your users expect great things from you on their mobile devices, but sometimes it’s hard to find the forest for the trees. Want to wow your users on their phones and tablets? Want to use mobile to grow your business? We’re here to help you go above and beyond whatever you thought you could achieve on mobile.

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