How to Get Your iOS App Featured on the App Store


Apple is one of the most powerful technical giants in the technical domains, hence building an iOS app is not as much difficult, as getting it placed on its App Store. The app related publishing policies out there are quite stringent and are required to be adhered, right from the project inception till execution. So, in order to make your iOS mobile get remarkably notified on the App Store, the only rescue that can come here is your iOS app developer or your iOS App Development Company or the one who is engineering your product.

Let’s determine some of the best practices that can help your app to get featured on the Apple’s App Store

  • Make sure that your App is really great

Before getting into the actual Mobile App Development zone, discuss your app ideation with your Mobile App Development company, and try to figure out the most optimized option for turning your app idea into a reality. The Mobile App you develop should be quite smooth, reliable and secured and must target all the requirements of the users. It should be fair enough in processing all the activities flawlessly thus, make it updated and embedded with all the innovative strategies.

  • Let your Soft Launch data speak

It is important to let your users as well as Apple that what is the innovation that your app delivers. How unique it is while executing the associated activities? What are the key features that make your app really different? Well, these are some of the questions that are required to be answered, in case you want your app to top the charts.

As the Apple promotes the concept of soft launch, it is important to graph the reviews that you have accumulated during the app launching. Precisely, soft launch is the technique of publishing your app amongst the limited users in order to rate the performance and gathering the reviews accordingly. So, it is always the suitable practice, for promoting your app via the feedbacks gathered in order to make your app a hit from the very beginning.

  • Always hit upon the latest technology

Every now and then, Apple releases its new OS versions or upgrades so as to boost the iOS App Developers’ community, for delivering more excelled, embellished and polished products. In order to make your app a real hit, make it loaded with the correct technology that is being promoted by the Apple. Nowadays, selecting iOS 11 can be considered as a smart choice, if you are planning to get your very own iOS app.

Making your iOS app integrated with the other Apple devices such as Apple Smart Watch, iPad, Apple TV etc, as that can provide you with an extra benefit, for placing your app at the top on its platform

  • Timely updates are a real boon

Apple is fair enough in its ranking strategies. It changes the App ranking on the basis of the seasons, hence the very first message that it delivers to its users, is processing your app update in corresponding to the changing seasons.

It is supposed to change the rankings on the aforementioned basis, thus, it is always a witty approach to provide your app an update, at the times the store is changing the ranks. Thus, making your updates can significantly aid you in conserving your app ranking for a long term basis, as Apple notices all your app related practices that are taking place.

  • Top Industries must chase your app

This is so true in the cases of selection, either while you are shopping, dining or traveling; it is always the practice, that we select the one that is ranked at the top in all the related categories. Well, same goes with the Apple as well, it also searches your app on all the top industrial and technical websites and gathers the feedbacks from them too in order to double check your app functionality.

The highlighted name of your app on the dominating websites and platforms can ferociously add to the reputation of your app, and allows it to preserve a good and a remarkable ranking on the Apple Store.

  • Make your App speak

Outline what your app has accomplished before? How it has completed the activities? What were the key parameters that were involved while executing the task? Presenting your app work on the App store can as a whole make a lot of difference. Try to maintain a good pitch at Apple make your product achievements aloud, in order to hold a respectable position at the App Store.

These were some of the key points that can actually play a great role in determining the position of your app at the Apple Store. Adhering and following them can make your app top the App Stores, and can significantly increase the number of your app downloads.

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