10 Unhacked Ideas For Startup Android App


The market of Android apps is overheated today, and any new tech startup suffers from lack of ideas to launch something unique and useful at the same time. If you are still in two minds about the application you are going to develop, we suggest you our own compilation of 10 unhacked ideas for Android app which may fit both startups and existing businesses.


1. AR Social Media

The idea of social media based on augmented reality will change the way people build their relations. The idea is the same as PokemonGo, however, you will point your smartphone or look through smart glasses at the real people to see their profile in a social media.

The other way to use AR for this app is to drop your notes about some place, whether it is a restaurant, cinema, shopping mall or other location. A user will get a notification while approaching this place and by pointing their phone at a special sign they will see photos, videos, or notes that other visitors dropped there.

2. Window-shopping

Traditional offline shopping has one serious disadvantage: they limit their opening hours and the only thing their customers can so is to visit their website and look at the online catalogue. With window-shopping app, the client can get into the shop virtually and look what’s available in store as a 3D-view tour or 360-degree video.

3. Learning partner

When you are into self-education, mobile apps are very effective helpers. What is even better, is to find a learning partner, help others to learn the topic you know, and win some score that you can spend on the help you need.

4. Bad roads detector

The main point of this app is to engage drivers in reporting bad road sections, analyzing this information and making a final rating. As a result, the bad sections will be highlighted with red, while good roads will be green. The information presented as quality control reports will be also sent to the responsible officials.

5. Stimulator

There are a lot of Android apps for target setting or task management, however the control over their completion lies on your shoulders. We offer two options to control your goals:

  • Limitation – when the task is not completed, you get limited access to some apps or features or block your credit card account;
  • Social control – when the goal is not met, your app mates will get notifications which stimulates you not to disappoint the community.

6. All favorite music in one app

Switching for Google Music to Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube wastes your time and irritates users. Our idea is to bring all these apps into one platform to access them in a click. The other idea is to add your favorite series, audiobooks, and podcasts and divide them into categories.

7. Diary

That’s not the way you thought about it – our idea doesn’t mean that you need to write memoirs or chronology. The app will do it for you based on data analysis from your devices, including geolocation, notes, browser history etc. The app is great for people who are poor in time management and forget what they’ve done yesterday or a couple of hours ago.

8. Sales and discounts

The functionality of such an app will be not limited to buying coupons, or sales offers from supermarket networks. The main point is to gather all the information from the different spheres of retail, service providers and publish something that is really worthy and targeted to the specific user.

9. Call recording

It happens that you forget some important moments you’ve discussed during a phone call. You can record each call and re-play it. However, the better idea is to have an app that analyzes your speech, makes notes and sets notifications based on them.

10. An app that helps you prepare your favorite dish quickly.

Following recipes is time-consuming and confusing which may lead to the disappointing results. An interactive assistant working with a voice command as a chatbot will guide you step by step to the delicious cooking. The list of ingredients should be seen before actual cooking.

The list of ideas can be continued to infinity, we hope you’ve gained some inspiration. The second step is to find an Android app development company that will consult you on the technical part bring your ideas to life. A quick question regarding the apps’ development prices given to Elinext app developer bring a quick answer – anywhere from USD 5k to 15k – small apps, 15k – 50k – medium size apps and 50k – 200k and above for serious projects.

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