“The main thing is QArea’s detailed hour-by-hour report they give me on the work that they complete. There is an automated screenshot system, and we can see exactly what is being accomplished. QArea also tells me if they run into any problems.”

“They [QArea] have some real talent there and a very structured system for interacting with their clients, which really adds a level of confidence.”

“The quality of their [QArea’s] work was excellent, and I have nothing but good things to say about QArea. The app is fantastic and it’s performing well.”

“QArea has extremely high technical skill on the .NET platform and with e-commerce technologies, and that’s important when you have relationships with offshore companies – that you can trust their delivery and know they won’t let you down.”

“It’s a very technical group of engineers. QArea really knows their stuff. Whatever your project is, it’s probably much simpler than what they’ve been trained to do. Having access to that kind of talent is great, especially if you’re trying to develop something relatively complex.”