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About NeoSolax (Pvt) Ltd

What are the factors you should consider when developing your eCommerce website? Your eCommerce website should be able to cater to your desired goal, which is, converts your visitors to customers. In other words, your eCommerce store should be capable of making your website visitors buy your products from your store.

Magento is one of the best platforms which crafted eCommerce industry dynamics. However, we should accept that due to the flexibility and extendability that Magento provided, it made itself a complex platform. Especially in the context of Magento 2, if any level of experience software engineer going to do Magento 2 custom development without a deep understanding about the architecture or the best practices it has recommended your eCommerce store soon will become impossible to extend or maintain.

That is why at NeoSolax, we provide extensive Magento training to our developers at least for three months before they involve with production level development. For non-technical readers, I will provide an example of why a developer needs to have a better understanding of the platform. What Magento (1) and Magento 2 recommends is not to change their core code which has developed by Magento Company. So how can you do a custom development without changing the core modules. Magento has provided several mechanisms to do that which is suitable for different scenarios. One of them is to override using dependency injections XML or di.xml. Another one is plugins to run before or after a function. Otherwise, we can capture some dispatched events triggers in specific points in the core codes. Overriding and creating templates would be another option. These are some Major options, and there are some other options which we have to use situationally.

Another point where developers who have less training go wrong is developing dynamic components for the frontend. Magento has recommended using Varnish, which is an HTTP accelerator. What that means is if you request the content from the server with the same URL you will get the output without fetching it from the server. So with the first request of someone Varnish cache the whole HTML output and send it to the user. Once the 2nd user request the same URL varnish do not bother to fetch it from the server. Instead of that, Varnish will take the previous HTML from its cache and serve the request. So why should we concern? Let's say that your HTML page has some user-specific dynamic data like a welcome message. Then for the first user, it will show "Welcome ". For the second user, it will show "Welcome " because of this mechanism. To avoid this, Magento has recommended using a Javascript library called KnockoutJs which will fetch and bind data dynamically to your frontend components. If you are not technical and if you lost in the middle, do not worry. I want to highlight the fact that it is not a typical implementation and to do this kind of development any software engineer should have in-depth knowledge about Magento 2 architecture. In other words, your developer should be well trained and should have sufficient experience and some guidance from senior developers and tech leads which NeoSolax has.

At NeoSolax (Pvt) Ltd, we trained our developers with deep yet overrall knowledge about Magento and its architecture, and they are well capable of executing Magento tasks according to the rules set by Magento.

We also have a robust process to check what we develop is up to the standards we claim. From the code inspections to Quality Assurance engineers to Project Managers will make sure your eCommerce store is in good shape inside (In the code level) and out (appearance).

So, we would like you to contact us to discover how to help us to develop your eCommerce store and gain lot of customer traction with high percentage of conversion.


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