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About Us

We are a one-stop mobile and web software development agency located in Bucharest, Romania.

HyperSense was founded by two people with a deep passion for software development in 2003. Back then, HyperSense provided custom web development services only. In 2008, we started developing mobile iOS applications and expanded our in-house development team. In 2009 we started developing on Android as well. 2012 marked a very important milestone for us as we became a full-stack design and development agency, adding to our service line consultancy, UI/UX design and DevOps. Nowadays, HyperSense is one of the leaders in mobile and web development in Romania, with a portfolio containing more than 150 projects and having successfully delivered software solutions to more than 50 clients world wide.

Year Founded: 2003

Website: https://hypersense-software.com/

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