Mobile App Development Industry Series – Interview With Andrew Gazdeck, Bizness Apps


Bizness Apps is the easiest way for small and medium sized businesses to create a mobile application without any programming knowledge needed.

Here’s what Andrew Gazdeck has to say about his mobile app development company and the latest trends in the app industry:

What does your mobile app development company do?

Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps — Bizness Apps creates mobile solutions suited for local businesses with small budgets and big ideas.

We create the ultimate customer connection through mobile apps that create a digital connection to your customer’s mobile phones for commerce, loyalty, reviews, referrals, communication, and more.

As a company, we’ve created over 500,000 mobile apps for small businesses across the globe.

Why are enterprises adapting to mobility?

There is simply a lot of opportunity for enterprises to engage with their employees and customers through mobile. For example, 63% of enterprises consider customer engagement the key driver to their mobile communication strategy. Using mobile to engage with customers (63%) and improve customer satisfaction 38%) is a higher priority than driving revenue through mobile (27%)

What does the popularity of games like Pokemon Go mean for app development industry?

Pokemon Go meant putting creatures into the real world, so when users looked through their phone, it gave the experience of an actual Pokemon lurking in front of them. This technology has mostly been used for games and other goofy apps, but 2017 will be the year that it breaks into the business world. Imagine the possibilities of presenting a data visualization or other presentation in augmented reality. Or, being able to showcase a prototype, without having the physical product ready yet.


Why do app developers prefer iOS despite Android’s market leadership?

I’d say it really comes down to the user experience that iOS can provide compared to Android. iOS applications are still of much higher quality but this may change in the future as Android continues to improve the development tools it gives to developers.

What is the average budget of the mobile apps you develop?

Less than $5000. We’ve found ways to simplify, speed up, and lower the cost to develop mobile applications for small businesses to enable them to develop a mobile app for both iOS and Android without having a huge budget.

Which software and tools do you mostly use while developing apps?

We develop native mobile applications using XCODE for iOS applications and Eclipse for Android app development. In addition to this, we also allow develop progress web applications.

Do you think Augmented Reality apps are the future? Why?

This technology could be groundbreaking for the many types of industries, for example education and commerce. Apps that can teach kids to learn based on how they learn could easily skyrocket test scores across the globe. The same can be said for mobile commerce—apps that shop for you based on what you like. Imagine your personal tutor and personal shopper, right on your phone.

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