Softjourn, Inc.


39270 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Suite 251, Fremont- 94538,
California, USA

About Us

At Softjourn, we always find a creative approach to any solution, whether it’s for a money transfer system, mobile payment software, box office ticketing solution or video streaming platform. What makes our people so creative? Our experience, looking for a solution together with many people from different backgrounds, realizing that no idea is too far-fetched, day dreaming, thinking happy thoughts, all these aspects set the stage for idea generation.

Year Founded: 2005

Major Clients: Vendini, PowWow, Tacit Innovations, UPC, Ticket River, PEX, PayPartners (acquired By TransCard), IKobo, Barracuda FX, GeriJoy, Play Fitness, Pana Television, Snappy TV, FenestraPro, ClipSync, Viamericas, JellyTelly, Medical Billing Technologies, Inc., Event Espresso, Datahove, Floktu, Babierge, Portfolio


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