Bogutskogo 5, Hrodna- 230003,
Hrodzyenskaya (Hrodna), Belarus

About Us

We transform ideas into programs and enable our customers to achieve success since 2001. During these years, we have gained the reputation of a stable outsourcing partner. Presented on the market since 2001. Offices and development centers in Herford, Germany and in Grodno, Belarus. Full spectrum of software development services. Customers and projects from all over the world. Rich experience in enterprise software development. Dedicated development teams and centers.

Year Founded: 2001

Major Clients: arvato, apollon, w&co, Peek & Cloppenburg, resolto, Meyle+Müller, PAYMILL, netvico, konmedia, Koawach, Nexign ColabPro Affecto Croc NVision, Group, SVRBook, Hermitage, Compulink, ZeptoLabm, VENUS, Lineate


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